Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition
7-9 September 2021
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Test instruments company and PRIBOR.KZ portal will present electrical measuring instruments and industrial tools

Electrical measuring instruments, instruments for technical diagnostics, instruments for measuring physical parameters, industrial tools

TEST ЛОГОТИПTest instruments has been supplying to Kazakhstan and supporting industrial electrical measuring equipment and industrial tools since 2004. Over the years, products have proven reliability and relevance in various industries, including construction. Devices and tools can be seen in the bag of power engineers and fitters at any construction site, as well as specialists in the repair and maintenance of computer networks, ventilation, heating and other equipment, as well as specialists in industrial automation.


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Brands to be presented at the KazBuild 2020 exhibition:

ACUTE, BOSCH, CRC KONTAKT CHEMIE , FLIR, Autoboss , Trisco, Sonel, UNI-T, ERSA, Bernstein, AOYUE, Proxxon, Matrix, Guide infrared, Pro’sKit, Elspec, Svyazpribor, Mastech.

For the convenience of consumers, Test instruments organized a special Internet portal PRIBOR.KZ, where you can not only order products, but also download operating instructions, read the latest news from the industry and get acquainted with the features of the new technology. Test instruments company has been participating annually in the KazBuild exhibition since 2013, and at the exhibition in 2019 they won a special exhibition prize for the best advertising campaign.











Electrical measuring instruments: multimeters, current clamps, megaohmmeters, micrometers, electrical safety parameters meters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, power quality meters.

Измерители заземления

Devices for technical diagnostics: thermal imagers, emergency recorders, devices for searching for hidden communications and damage in them, endoscopes and borescopes.











Instruments for measuring physical parameters: weather stations with registration, pyrometers, anemometers, light meters, sound level meters, temperature and humidity meters, levels, rangefinders, laser roulettes.

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Industrial tool kits: kits for electricians and fitters with insulation, kits for IT infrastructure servicing, kits for repairing and tinning of any technological equipment.

Industrial tools: screwdrivers, pliers, side cutters, wire cutters, crimps, socket heads, wrenches, knives, grips, soldering and mounting tools for electronic equipment.

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