Yerdos Ashitov, Director at «Konster Engineering»

Our company has been in business for several years, and we participated in KazBuild for brand promotion. We want more people to know about us. The results are pretty encouraging. First of all, we have paid off the cost of the exhibition and even got some profit because of new customers. Secondly, there are crowds of people gathering around our stand. We’d brought here catalogs and booklets for three days but ran out of them in the very first day. People get really interested in our products. Don’t know if the credit goes to the organizers or to our products, but we are happy with the exhibition.

Anton Nikeshin, The head of the ad department of «Blockform»

After participation in KazBuild, we realized that we had come to the right event. We got a lot of contacts we needed. All contacts were targeted: builders, designers and other industry professionals. A peculiarity of the exhibition is that all target customers are represented in the full cycle. We participate in major Russian exhibitions and know that the target audience visits the event only on the first day, less often on the second day. Here, we were surprised to see the potential customer and partner flow during all three days.

Igor Maul, Director General at «Evolution Technologies»

For our business, KazBuild is about looking for new partners. The market is evolving, as new players come and old ones leave or change the profile. Taking part in the exhibition means that you stay in sight, show your company developing and promoting new products. Thanks to the organizers. Everything was done just in time, the seminars and master classes were well organized. Next year, we will surely come back with some new product.

Makar Kurochkin, Owner of «Daiva Team»

Taking part in KazBuild is, above all, an opportunity to inform our customers about what we have created for them, to present our new stuff, and do it pretty quickly. Besides, we get acquainted with retail customers who will look for our brand with wholesalers. The exhibition helps our brand to stick in customers’ mind. We will participate in KazBuild next year for sure. With the same stand. We noticed it a year ago, then took part successfully and came back. Next year, we’ll bring along something even more special.

Islam Sametdinov, Manager at TOO «Tekled»

We’ve been participating in KazBuild for the fourth year in a row. For us, the exhibition is attracting new customers, sharing our experience. Many potential customers come here from other cities, and companies send their representatives. We make deals, receive orders, see the results. The organization is just perfect. This year, we had much more visitors. It makes us really happy and gives an extra reason to come here next year.