Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition
8-10 September 2020
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Feedback from Kazbuild 2018 exhibitors

Feedback from exhibitors

Raushan Yeschanova, marketing designer of Palatin LLP with Kerama Marazzi brand


- What are your impressions?

I think that annually in September just Almaty city is associated with KazBuild exhibition. For all enterprises related to construction industry (design, exterior and interior decoration), this is a unique platform for both beginners and already established companies, where exhibitors can demonstrate their innovations, technological capabilities and their status. And the exhibition is always interesting to the end user. I believe that holding such an exhibition allows Kazakhstan to reach international level, since there are a lot of foreign partners who can show our domestic products, share experiences and conclude contracts.

So as it has developed traditionally, we have been participating in the exhibition for more than 20 years. Keram Marazzi Brand and KazBuild exhibition – are as a whole. For us it is an opportunity to widely present our range of products, to show novelties, technologies, so that designers and final suppliers will see, talk to us, sign new contracts.

- Could you be pleased to congratulate KazBuild?

First of all I wish KazBuild prosperity! We thank Iteca for organization of this exhibition, since for us it is, first of all, receiving a prize. This year we are again happy for the fact that we were awarded with the prize "stability and loyalty to KazBuild brand". Many thanks! I wish the exhibition development and meeting of more foreign partners, domestic manufacturers, so that all exhibitors can demonstrate themselves and conclude new contracts.

Pirjo Kortekangas Export Director for Caritti brand


- What are your impressions?

The second day of the exhibition is so active, it is very interesting to meet new customers who are interested in our products. We have been participating for the tenth time in KazBuild. The exhibition for us is the most convenient form of promotion of our products, because we supply light, and showing light with the help of photographs is a bad idea. We have to show our lighting live and therefore the exhibition is very important for us.

We have one major partner in Kazakhstan, which serves the entire market. And at the exhibition we show our products and solutions for their customers.

- What are your plans for RK market?

Kazakhstan market is very good, as people build a lot here. Kazakhstan is one of the best markets for sales of our products. Today, unfortunately, there is recession in all markets, but for our company this year sales are better than in the past. This gives positive expectations for the final result. We are glad.

- Could you be pleased to congratulate KazBuild?

I congratulate you and your company with such a long-term project, every year the exhibition is developing. I wish a lot of welfare for your company!

Mukhiddinbek Niyazimbetov, Deputy Director General of Toshafus


- What are your impressions?

We have very good impressions, as our expectations are justified. A lot of companies participate, a lot of visitors, with whom we have met and have become partners. There are a lot of construction companies not only from Kazakhstan, but also from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, who want to cooperate with us.

We are the first time at KazBuild in Almaty. Although recently we have participated in AstanaBuild 2018. Our expectations from the exhibition were – we wanted our brand to become known to all construction companies. I believe that we succeeded. I saw a surprise that Uzbekistan produces elevators.

- Do you plan to return to KazBuild next year?

Yes. We work in Uzbekistan market, and now we are studying the market of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. And for this reason we decided to participate in such exhibitions.

For our sphere (delivery of elevators) Kazakhstan market is very large, construction business is developed in Almaty and Astana, as well as there are many elevators that need to be replaced. These are elevators that have served more than 25 years. And we have a great deal of interest in this.

Vera Korneeva, manager of “SLS” LLP, exclusive distributor of KALE KILT in Kazakhstan.


- What are your impressions?

The exhibition is very good. I have been participating in the exhibition for several years. For 8 years we have been showing our products and I want to note that the exhibition is getting better and better. Most importantly, we feel a large number of visitors.

For us, participation in the exhibition is consolidation of company's image.

- What did you expect when you decided to participate in the exhibition?

We are on the market for more than 60 years and we are known by many customers, nevertheless the exhibition brings us more than 10 new partners.

- Could you be pleased to congratulate KazBuild?

I wish development and prosperity to your company! Good luck in job!

Anastasiya Vinogradova, regional manager of Poyatos (Spain)


- What are your impressions?

Impressions of the exhibition are positive. We have been already exhibiting here for 6 years, and I can say that we are satisfied with visitors and the number of visits. During this time, the exhibition gave us the opportunity to meet new clients, customers, keep on showing ourselves. In general, we are satisfied with the result.

- Do you plan to return to KazBuild next year?

Every year we look at the number of visitors, the number of sales, but at the moment we decide to continue to exhibit next year.

- What are your plans for RK market?

There is not much excitement, but nevertheless it is the largest and most developed country in Central Asia. For us, Kazakhstan is very important in the CIS region. And of course, because of the recent events in the world, we see a decline in the region. But nevertheless there is a movement on the market, so we do not want to leave Kazakhstan market.

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