FEEDBACK FROM KazBuild 2023 Visitors

Ulyana Zarechneva, Kumbez:

I have been working in architecture quite recently, I am still studying, but I have already started working. This is my first time at the KazBuild exhibition and I have already found a lot of useful information. I would advise all industry professionals to visit such events. Because in study, in theory, you think one thing, but in practice there is much more information than what is shown on the same drawings. At the exhibition you can come, touch, look, and it will be remembered more strongly. It gives more information. There is also an opportunity to get acquainted with many specialists and companies on the platform. For the future, I think it’s very important. I visited a seminar from KAZGOR on technology, I sat for 2 hours, listened to lectures, it was very useful and interesting.

Olesya Balabanova, Ole Interior Design:

I am a designer, I came to the KazBuild exhibition in Almaty for the first time, I previously visited the AstanaBuild exhibition in Astana. The scale is impressive here, there is a lot of interesting information, not only construction, but also interior moments. I learned a lot of new things for myself. I plan to come next year.

Anastasiya Lyalko, ASAPgroup:

I am visiting the KazBuild exhibition for the third time. This year the exhibition is large-scale, interesting - the stands are very beautiful, everything is located great! We have already started working with two companies. In general, the exhibition is getting better from year to year – even more participants and stands. I would also like to add that we love you, the organization is getting better, it’s getting more comfortable to visit, I’m happy!

Robert Abramovich, Caspian UAB:

We are visiting the KazBuild exhibition for the first time, we came from Lithuania. The purpose of our visit, first of all, is to find new customers, since we are engaged in import in Kazakhstan. We see a lot of interesting companies, we are already working with many, I would like to start working with many. The whole world is represented, we are pleasantly surprised by the exhibition. The organization is good, it’s easy to register. We plan to visit the exhibition in the future.

Izzat Mirbobayev, Global Granite:

Of the positive aspects, I can note a huge number of visitors and participants, although there are a lot of people in the pavilions. There are interesting stands and products. We are manufacturers ourselves, we planned to participate in the KazBuild exhibition, but we could not get the location we needed, all the areas were occupied. Therefore, this year we decided to come as visitors, to see and outline plans for participation for the next year.

FEEDBACK FROM KazBuild 2022 Visitors

Igor Remeville, W-Remeville Business Group:

I visit the KazBuild exhibition to find partners - companies that want to enter the market of Kazakhstan. Because we are a company that promotes business services and helps other companies, or new products, enter the market of Kazakhstan. Therefore, the exhibition is always a depository of information and contacts for us. This is not the first time we have visited it, but there was a break due to the pandemic. We believe that the exhibition is one of the main tools for establishing contacts.
Regarding the composition of the audience, the abundance of foreign participants is very striking out. The level of the exhibition is good, there are a lot of participants and visitors. I did not think that the exhibition would be so voluminous, there was a desire to delve into the exhibition. There is also an extensive business program of seminars and forums this year.

Zhanel Nukenova, student designer:

I am a fifth-year student of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.K. Zhurgenov, studying to be an interior designer. I came to visit this exhibition to see new materials for projects, new solutions, and gain new knowledge. In particular, I came to visit the events of the business program. I am visiting the exhibition for the first time, I really liked it, I plan to visit it in the future. I think this is very important for us, future interior designers.

Adilet Zhenishbekov, ArtModern company

Our company is from Kyrgyzstan, engaged in the construction of private houses. The purpose of visiting the exhibition is to get new information about new technologies. We noticed that Russian manufacturers began to be more interested in Asia. We have been visiting the KazBuild exhibition for the third year, but we have not noticed such a flow before, and both visitors and participants have increased. At the moment we are looking for new partners.

Yerzhan Toigambayev, Toiga Architects LLP:

We visit the exhibition every year, as we are designers and architects. The purpose of the visit is to be at the forefront of the information space in the field of construction and materials. So far, we have not had time to visit the business program of the exhibition, but we plan to do it. We are interested in outside finish as architects, and interior decoration as designers. We met a lot of friends, our colleagues and those who work together, who supply materials. We got acquainted with a large number of new Russian companies.

Vladimir Sklyarov, interior designer:

Hello, I am a future interior designer, studying at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.K. Zhurgenov. I am visiting the KazBuild exhibition for the third time, I am interested in construction materials, finishing materials for interiors and exteriors. I visited a conference from leading designers and architects of Kazakhstan. Yesterday, 2 speakers on BIM technologies and sales, interior design management spoke at the seminar. It is a very interesting exhibition, I liked everything, I will visit it in the following years.

FEEDBACK FROM KazBuild 2021 Visitors

Aleksandr Silantyev, Head of the Department of Construction Management of Stroytrest No. 9 JSC (Belarus)

KazBuild was organized at the highest level - two large pavilions with a wide range of products directly from manufacturers, suppliers, and major retailers. We learned about new materials and the latest technology for their manufacture, and we picked up the experience of foreign manufacturers. The exhibition is very useful and necessary for the construction industry. On the very first day we found promising options for business partnerships, exchanged contacts and are already at the stage of discussing contract details.

Kalkash Tazhibayeva, Director, Arsa LLP (Kazakhstan)

I try to attend the KazBuild Construction Exhibition every year. This year's exhibition was interesting, with many new solutions and a lot of products on display. You can find something new for your industry. Our company is involved in construction, we do all kinds of work, and today we have the vision to expand and grow, so at the exhibition we are trying to find opportunities to go beyond and establish new partnerships, as well as to buy the necessary equipment.

Lim Victor, Designer (Kazakhstan)

My colleagues and I came to the exhibition with a clear goal: we have a large facility in development today, and we were looking for materials and equipment for it. We found everything we needed at the exhibition, and we have already agreed on the price and terms of sale with the vendors of these products. I try to visit construction exhibitions every year: when I am in Almaty, I always come to KazBuild, and when I am in Nur-Sultan I visit AstanaBuild. This year's exhibition is very good: local and foreign exhibitors, and many new products and technologies. The organizers have taken care of safety, and all exhibitors and visitors wear protective masks.

Tursunov Ismail, Manager, BOMAZZA LLP (Kazakhstan)

Our company's core business is construction and planning and there are a lot of different products from many countries for our niche. I was impressed by the range, we managed to find everything of interest on the first day. This is my first time in Almaty; I often go to exhibitions in Moscow, and I can say that in terms of organisation, KazBuild is in no way inferior to MosBuild. The scope of the exhibition will grow over time, once the pandemic is over. And we will come again and again!