Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition
7-9 September 2021
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Modular coatings, which will protect you and your visitors from falling, maintain cleanliness in the room, and also create an aesthetic appearance of the entrance system

Entrance anti-slip floor coverings; coatings for children's playgrounds; coverings for damp rooms (saunas, baths, pools); industrial floors

логотипSK-Polymers Company produces and sells stain-resistant anti-slip polymer floor coverings for the entrance to the building:

  • rubber pad on the step (tread) of various sizes and with various types of corrugation;
  • L-shaped profile - edging of the step, including anti-slip, rubber profile for tiles; 
  • rubber anti-splash mats, including those with through holes; rolled rubber anti-slip corrugated coatings;
  • ground coverings for people with sight disability, GOST R 56305-2014;
  • rubber tactile tile; 
  • rubber crumb rolled coating; 
  • rubber puzzles for playgrounds and sports grounds;
  • vinyl Z-shaped and spiral-twisted anti-splash coatings;

Brand, which will be presented at the exhibition: 3М

prostupfootRubber step mats (step plates) is one of the most efficient coatings providing for antiskid effect on the steps in different trade and office centers, supermarkets, drug-stores, banks and other premises. Due to rubber ledges, the step plates are not only prevent skidding, but also clean mud from shoes. We produce step plates with different size in different colors.

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Roll rubber antiskid mudguard coatings - monolith rubber corrugated coating. Depending on purpose it can be made with the width from 3 to 8 mm, the width of rolls is up to 1.5m, there are up to 15 m in the roll. Different colors.

Rubber mats with thru wholes, including rolls, are designed for cleaning of mud from shoes on outside entrances, porches, tambours, provide drainage of water, fit tight to the floor. Rubber tactile paving, GOST R 56305-2019 yellow, provides for safety moving of people with limited capacities in terms of sight. Informs about the way and direction of movement. Tile size - 300*300mm. 



Roll coating made of rubber crumb has wide range of colors, resistant to mechanical and point loads, has antiskid properties. It is produced with the width from 4 to 20 mm (standard 6mm)

IMG 02261 1024x768Rubber puzzle - monolith product with the weight of 6.5 kg, size 815*500*20mm

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