Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition
7-9 September 2021
Almaty, Kazakhstan


TEST INSTRUMENTS LLP supplies industrial enterprises, including building industry of Kazakhstan, with measuring instruments and professional tools and the sudden introduction of quarantine in Kazakhstan has revealed some problems that the company tried to solve for uninterrupted supply for their customers










  • Earlier, we created the Pribor.kz portal, https://pribor.kz/, which contains information about devices and tools supplied to the Republic of Kazakhstan, operating instructions and articles, price lists, but before the coronavirus epidemic, this site performed an auxiliary information function. However, with the introduction of restrictive measures on the work of the trading floor and office, it quickly became an industrial online store. It demonstrates that not only pizza or sneakers can be delivered via the Internet, but also quite serious equipment, especially since people are more and more used to searching and purchasing various goods via the Internet, including for construction enterprises. Moreover, it is even more convenient, since our Internet portal provides free delivery of products to the place of the consumer’s location, especially since construction sites, construction bases and warehouses are usually located in fairly remote places.

Conclusion: the format of the online store is quite applicable to the B2B sector, but you need to work on the web-site and its content continuously so that the information on it is constantly updated.

  • At the time of the introduction of tough measures, it was possible to make an easy decision - just close the trading floor and stop accepting orders. But, since some of our customers - the construction sector enterprises continued their work, accordingly, we continued to work online and organized remote servicing with delivery of products to the customer.

Conclusion: you should follow the schedule of your customers and work synchronously with them, so as not to let them down and not to lose.


  • The bottleneck, quite unexpectedly, was that the 1C database is local on one computer, which made it difficult for several managers to work simultaneously.

Conclusion: we should consider moving to a cloud database in the future.

  • Unexpected help in organizing the remote work was provided by Whatsapp. A group of employees (up to 256 people) is created in 1 minute and you do not need to ring all and all employees are aware of the events. For the future, we are likely to leave this means of communication.

Conclusion: messengers should be used in everyday work, they are simple and effective to use and free of charge.

  • The bottleneck, as usual in all online businesses, is logistics: delivery of products from the warehouse, their arrival at the office, packaging, delivery of products to customers during quarantine. Periodically transport restrictions affect the speed of shipment and delivery of products to customers.

Conclusion: logistics supply chains should be optimized, but customers should be warned of possible delays in deliveries during an emergency.

20191024101334767In general, for the quarantine period Test Instruments www. ti.kz and the Pribor.kz portal https://pribor.kz practically do not stand idle and provide the supply of measuring instruments and industrial tools to enterprises of the construction complex of the whole Republic due to the fact that technologically everything was ready for the transition to online operation.

We hope that the experience of Test instruments LLP will help you to establish your work in quarantine!

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