The latest development by UNI-T - the inexpensive UTi165A thermal imager

Thermography is no longer just for the rich

Test instruments LLP is a distributor of UNI-T company in Kazakhstan. And UNI-T presented its latest development - an inexpensive UTi165A thermal imager, which, with its low cost and unpretentiousness (IP65 protection degree), is capable of producing a rather informative thermal image with a size of 160x120 pixels.






In modern terms of the struggle for energy saving, the availability of thermography devices is becoming a vital necessity for construction and operating organizations. And it hides a contradiction, since thermal imagers, which give a more or less complete picture of thermal conditions and directly show the places of heat leakage, are quite expensive and because of this thermography becomes inaccessible to small enterprises. In addition, the high cost of thermal imagers does not allow their use in the operational activities of construction and building maintenance organizations, since the cost of the device imposes special operating conditions: the need for security, personnel qualifications, special measures during transportation, etc.

 UTi165AOf course, infrared digital pyrometers are already widely used now, but they do not give a complete thermal picture, but show only a figure - the surface temperature.

The solution was found in the form of devices, which are a hybrid of a pyrometer and a thermal imager. Such a device is a pyrometer in size and purpose, but it also shows a small thermal image with a limited resolution, but even this resolution is enough to detect heat leaks, cold leaks, heating electrical contacts, coolant leaks and to solve other tasks inherent in thermal imagers.

 The price is also important in this matter: usually the cost of such devices can be about $ 500.

You can fide more detailed information on PRIBOR.KZ

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