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Wire heights measuring on construction sites

New method and innovative device for measuring the wires sag using ultrasonic location

1КС СНМ 600А


Many construction sites and landfills often use overhead lines to supply power, and one of the most important conditions for the correct operation of such overhead lines is compliance with the dimensions. One of the most important dimensions is the sag of the wires or the sag arrow. Too much slack in the wires creates a risk of contact of people and equipment with the line, and insufficient slack is the risk of breaking the wires due to thermal contraction. This value is strictly standardized and the deviation, according to the PUE, is allowed within very small limits.

There are various methods for measuring the sag or the height of the wires, however, the traditional methods using a bar or a line of sight are not always feasible and unsafe, and difficult if using theodolite.

Relatively recently, a new method for measuring the height of wires using ultrasonic location has been invented. This method is absolutely safe and does not require any calculations. The device is placed on the ground in such a way that its emitter is directed strictly at the wires, and digital values of the wire heights appear on the digital display.

The method is based on the emission of a probing signal by the device and the subsequent measurement of the time of arrival of the echo signal to the device. The value of the delay time helps to calculate the distance from the device to the wires.

Shema provisa provodov

At the moment, the Complect-Service company produces ultrasonic altimeters of the KS-SNM-600A and KS-SNM-600E models. The models differ from each other in different measuring ranges, however, they are identical in principle of operation and allow you to simultaneously measure the height of up to 6 wires and the distance between them. KS-SNM-600A and KS-SNM-600E wire height meters are included in the register of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Kazakhstan and are accepted for verification.


The instruments are supplied with initial verification by the CompleCt-Service manufacturer. The official distributor IN Kazakhstan is Test instruments company. All devices are provided with a one-year warranty, as well as full technical support.






You can get acquainted with the devices in detail on the Internet portal pribor.kz https://pribor.kz/p82833808-vysotomer-izmeritel-vysoty.html

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