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Huntsman is a global chemical company founded by John Huntsman in 1970. The headquarters is located in Texas, USA. Operates in 70 production and research centers in 30 countries around the world. The company has about 9000 employees. Huntsman has been present in Russia since the 1970s, and since 2005, many Huntsman products have been manufactured in Russia, at the Huntsman-NMG plant in Obninsk. Trade divisions are open in cities such as: Almaty, Kiev, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Togliatti, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Brands to be presented at the KazBuild 2021 exhibition:

Daltoflex EI 21950U, Daltofoam TE 34280, Daltofoam TE 44204, Daltofoam TL 30230, Daltofoam TL 42100, Daltofoam TL 70236, Daltofoam TP 32272, Daltofoam ТL 44203, Daltotherm 10-00, Daltotherm TSA 30-01, Daltotherm TSR 60-00, Daltotherm TSR 60-01, Daltotherm TSW 40-01, Heatlok Soya, Super Winter, Sealection 500, Suprasec 2026, Suprasec 2228, Suprasec 2535, Suprasec 2980, Suprasec 4005, Suprasec 5025, Авалон 65 АВ(имп), Диметилформамид, Компонент 1 СИСТЕМ EXTRA, Компонент 2 СИСТЕМЫ E16305, Компонент 2 СИСТЕМЫ E44339, Компонент 2 СИСТЕМЫ E44339, Компонент 2 СИСТЕМЫ E56102, Компонент 3 СИСТЕМ EXTRA, Компонент №2 (для полиурет.композ), Краситель ТПУ 401 гранулированный(имп), Пигментная паста 80756 (бежевая)(RAL 1001), Пигментная паста 99685 (черная)(ИМП), Полиплан 1001/0610, Полиплан 1002 к-А/0701, Полипласт 1004, Полипласт 1004 Е, Полипласт 1004 Р, Полипласт 1004М, Полипласт 105, Полипласт 120, Полипласт 122, Полипласт 131, Полипласт 133, Полипласт 134, Полифлекс 105/RAL 1018, Полифлекс 105/RAL 5015, Полифлекс 105/RAL 6001, Полифлекс 1101/0701, Полифлекс 401/синий, Полифлекс 402/серый, Праймер 1101, Праймер 1102, Праймер 204, Смазка разделительная DD 100, Смазка разделительная DD 50, Финишлак 106, Чипсы mix 31 (имп), Экстраплан 500,501,501Н,502,502Н,505 к-2, Экстраплан 501 H к-1, Экстраплан 501/серый к-1, Экстраплан 505/голубой к-1, Экстрафоам 10-00, Эластоплан 550 к-2, Эластоплан 550/серебряный к-1, Эластоплан 550/серый к-1.

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Elastoplan 550 is used for the application of seamless elastomeric insulating coatings on prepared surfaces of concrete and metal, PVC, piece and roll bituminous materials during the installation and repair of flat and pitched roofs, to protect thermal insulation from sprayed polyurethane foam (PUF), subject to the additional application of a weather-resistant thin-layer protective coating POLYFLEX ® 105 or POLYFLEX® 402. Recommended total coating thickness for layer-by-layer application - from 2 mm.

The Extraplan 501 System is used for spraying seamless elastomeric external and internal insulating coatings mainly on rigid substrates (concrete, metal, composite materials).

DALTOTHERM TSR 60-01 is a polyether polyol blend containing catalysts, functional additives and HFC 141 b blowing agent. A component of a sprayed polyurethane foam insulation system.



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POLYPLAST 1004 and POLYPLAST 1004 M (a variant of glue for mechanized laying) are used for bonding (gluing) all types of rubber (SBR), rubber (EPDM) chips or granules of thermoplastic elastomeric vulcanizates (TPV) (hereinafter referred to as filler) in the construction of continuous synthetic shock-absorbing coatings of various thicknesses on children's playgrounds, treadmills, training and playgrounds of open planar physical culture and sports facilities. Substrates for laying shock-absorbing surfaces and treadmills: asphalt, concrete, less often - compacted sand and gravel preparation or screening.


POLIPLAN® 1002 is used for the installation of a self-leveling antistatic floor covering on concrete and cement-sandy bases in industrial, warehouse, technical and other premises with special requirements for protection against electrostatic discharges (ESD) in accordance with GOST R 53734.5.1-2009 (IEC 61340 -5-1: 2007), GOST R 53734.4.1–2010 (IEC 61340-4-1: 2003). The coating also complies with the requirements of GOST 12.4.124–83 and is used at enterprises for the production of electronic components and products, in computer rooms, control rooms, in medical institutions, in the food and pharmaceutical industries (including in "clean" rooms equipped in accordance with GMP rules), energy, transport and communication facilities.

A complete list of products can be found on the official website of the company, and you can also receive information about the latest news and promotions by subscribing to the page in FaceBook.




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