Firma A-Profile LLP began its production activity on May 16, 2000. The company is engaged in the production of building materials from metal. To date, more than 30 different lines have been installed and are operating for the processing of thin sheet galvanized and painted steel sheets up to 2mm thick. The plant produces a wide range of rolled products, such as corrugated board, metal tiles, metal siding, profiles for gypsum board, reinforcing profiles for PVC, etc.

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Recently, we began to develop a new promising direction: the design and production of LSTS frames for the construction of residential and commercial buildings. Since 2017, we have launched the production of linear panels made of painted galvanized steel for cladding multi-storey and industrial buildings, which had not been produced in Kazakhstan before. The builders of our city have already appreciated the high quality of the product, which, moreover, can now be obtained in the shortest possible time.

LSTS is literally Light Steel Thin-walled Structures. This technology got its start in the 50s of the XX century and today is gaining rapid popularity in the field of construction due to its properties, first of all, it is a uniquely short construction time, relatively low cost and a high degree of heat saving.

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Cubic ceiling - RACK SUSPENDED CEILINGS, panels of various lengths, widths and heights with any pitch. Panels are made of galvanized steel with polymer coating. There are standard colors to choose from, as well as wood-like colors. Relatively light weight of the structure, ease of installation and original look.

Metal tiles are one of the most demanded types of roofing for private, civil and commercial buildings. Galvanized metal sheets with a special outer polymer paint layer of various colors. Dimensions depend on the model of the product, as well as on the individual wishes of the customer.

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Metal siding - panels used for external cladding of buildings made of galvanized steel, coated with a polymer layer. Products are presented in a varied color palette (a large selection of Printech coatings for wood and stone) with various surface shapes:

  1. profiled,
  2. smooth.

Lamely is a new generation fence Louvers-Lamely are metal plates of a certain shape and a varied color palette.

Linear panels are facade cladding panels that allow for ventilated wall cladding.

Popularity is growing due to unique properties and characteristics:

  • Long-term service life - several decades (subject to proper care);
  • Correct ventilation of external walls of buildings (prevention of fungus, mold, premature collapse, etc.);
  • Aesthetic look.

A complete list of products can be found on the official website of the company:

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