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Asia Klinker presents a wide array of clinker products, floor tiles, facade tiles, steps, paving stones, dry building mixes and other related materials. A feature of the company is system solutions with professional technical and engineering support. The company makes direct deliveries from the best and reliable manufacturers in Germany and Italy. Thanks to extensive experience and many years of work in this field, were able to choose only high-quality materials for sale. With their help, you will equip your home beautifully and quickly. Thanks to a wide array of choices, customers will be able to choose the material that suits them in color, texture, price and design in exact. Asia Klinker is the official distributor of the best German clinker tile manufacturers - Stroeher, Feldhaus Klinker, Muhr, and the Italian Brand S. Anselmo.

Therefore, we can offer You: a huge selection of clinker tiles, of any color and texture, we can also give professional advice on the selection of clinker for your needs.

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Brands to be presented at the exhibition: Stroeher, Muhr, Feldhaus Klinker, Sto, S-Anselmo

S-Anselmo is an exclusive Italian hand-molded brick, manufactured at the S.Anselmo factory in Italy. Today, S.Anselmo brick is the best offer on the international market of building materials, which fully meets high quality standards. S.Anselmo can rightfully be called a real art laboratory, within the walls of which a truly unique building material is born, designed for both exterior and interior decoration of buildings, as well as for various types of finishing works. Modern equipment allows to make S.Anselmo bricks in all shapes, sizes and shades. The entire product range of the company is more than a hundred types of facing bricks, which allows to solve problems related to the performance of finishing works of any scale and complexity.

MUHR is a German clinker manufacturer. In Germany, MUHR is one of the leaders and today offers a wide range of clinker bricks, clinker paving bricks (paving stones) and clinker facade tiles. In the product line produced by the company there are both shaped bricks and hand-molded bricks used to embody original architectural ideas. Modern and high-tech equipment is used in production, which allows the company to produce clinker of any colors and with different surfaces. The range of Muhr products is constantly updated, following the fashion trends for facing and landscape materials. MUHR's production capacity is about 40 million clinker bricks per year. The production uses raw materials from the best quarries in Germany, Holland and Belgium. Constant monitoring and analysis of the content of impurities in clay, allows you to achieve high quality products.

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German clinker ceramics Feldhaus Klinker is of high quality and excellent performance. The quality is ensured by a special technology for the manufacture of clinker ceramics – high-temperature firing. German clinker Feldhaus Klinker is made from a mixture of slate clays, which provides it with strength and fire resistance. The manufacturer Feldhaus offers its customers a wide variety of colors and shades – from standard brown and red to exotic options, for example, purple.

Stroeher specializes in clinker tiles and steps. Stroeher products are of the highest quality and captivate with a variety of shapes and shades. The reason for this lies in the philosophy of the enterprise. The use of advanced production technologies, rapid response to market requirements, modern equipment have made Stroeher clinker very popular. Stroeher is a trendsetter of fashion and style in the global market of crossbar formats of facade facing clinker tiles and is rightfully an exclusive manufacturer in this direction.

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The German concern Sto AG is the world's leading manufacturer of facade insulation systems, as well as paints, plasters, decorative facade profiles and other materials for interior and exterior work. The company is a world leader in the production of facade thermal insulation systems. High-quality plasters and paints for exterior and interior work. Seamless acoustic systems and other products meet the most stringent requirements and allow you to implement the widest range of tasks. Impeccable service, quality of materials and a wide selection are the foundations of Sto's success.

The full list of products can be found on the official website of the company, and by subscribing to the Instagram page, you will be able to receive the most up-to-date information on new products, promotions, etc.

Company website: https://asiaklinker.kz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asiaklinker/



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