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GENSVET company - a manufacturer of LED products. The main direction of our activity is the production of LED light fixtures for various purposes and bactericidal equipment.

We produce:

  • Bactericidal recirculators and irradiators;
  • Light fixtures for office and administrative premises;
  • Light fixtures for schools, preschools, medical institutions;
  • Light fixtures for commercial and industrial areas;
  • Light fixtures for industrial facilities;
  • Light fixtures for street lighting;
  • Light fixtures for housing and utilities services.

GENSVET trademark products are known in Russia and CIS countries, and are valued for their high lighting performance, consistent quality and affordable prices. One of the advantages of our company is our own production, due to which we can provide our partners with the shortest lead time than our competitors. We provide fast and convenient logistics.

Prozhektor SLIM 100Vt

Production equipment, some of which has no analogues in Russia, allows us to produce lighting fixtures of non-standard sizes, and to meet all the emerging needs of customers. The company provides the best conditions in the Russian Federation in terms of time and quality when manufacturing products to order. LED light fixtures of GENSVET brand have such positive characteristics as long life, high light output, mechanical strength and environmental safety, lack of low-frequency oscillations, and the ability to adjust the level of illumination and color temperature, and most importantly low power consumption.

kobra Sh

The light fixtures are designed to meet today's consumer demands for the product. The solutions are built into them, which can save up to 30% of the mounting time, to replace components without disassembling the light fixture, in fact, it is not just a light fixture, but a multifunctional device. It can be mounted in different ways (surface-mounted, suspended, built-in mounting). Also, it can be supplemented by different sensors, networked and linked with a unified control. If you set up Wi-Fi control, the light fixtures can be easily integrated into modern Smart Home space management systems. On their basis, the company develops air purification and disinfection systems applicable in almost all areas of life, opening up to itself and its partners boundless opportunities to enter and develop new markets.

In addition to all the already available advantages and differences from competitors, the company provides the ability to quickly produce light fixtures of custom sizes, taking into account all the individual needs of customers and fast and inexpensive logistics. There are no products with similar characteristics on the LED lighting market.

You can find the full list of products on the official company website, and by subscribing to Youtube page you can get a professional review of the products.

Website: https://gensvet.ru /

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6peIG4D3rDDpxxYKkQOOJQ 



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