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The Dowletli Dovran ceramics production company was founded in 2006 in the Hojambaz District. At first, the plant supplied bricks to customers in the region. But after gaining experience and producing a competitive and high-quality product, supplies started all over the country. In order to increase production capacity, a new modern high-tech plant for the production of ceramic clinker products was built in 2020.

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The product range includes clinker bricks and clinker pavers, as well as ceramic thermal blocks. And additional plant equipment expands the range of bricks produced and gives the opportunity to obtain high quality, aesthetic product of different textures and surfaces, which every partner needs.

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The Dowletli Dovran company presents ceramic bricks of different colors. At this time it is burgundy, brown and peach. And each of these colors is presented in 3 surface options such as: wood texture and stone texture, also smooth. Each of our bricks has a strength grade higher than M150 and water absorption below 8%. Buying our bricks you get a high-strength aesthetic ecological product that will decorate your home.

The full list of the company's products can be found on the official website:



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