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APS Engineering company holds a leading market position in Kazakhstan in the field of Textile Architecture for 16 years. The main activities of the company include the design, manufacture, construction of facilities and structures using membrane materials, design of public spaces for embankments, parks, supply of gaming and sports equipment from world leaders, rental services for tent structures.

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Brands to be presented at the exhibition: Serge Ferrari SAS (founded in 1973, France), KOMPAN (Denmark)

Our company took an active part in the implementation of international and national projects such as:

  • Covering the grandstands and pylons of the facade of the SUNKAR International Ski Jumping Complex;
  • Suspended ceiling of the Palace of the Republic foyer;
  • Facade of the Miras Celebration Hall;
  • Installation/dismantling of mobile frame and tent structures for the OSCE, the AEF, CADEX, Universiada and other state events.
  • EXPO-2017 International Exhibition, as well as in the improvement of public spaces, pedestrian streets, parks and embankments in Aktobe, Pavlodar, Aktau, Atyrau, Taldykorgan, Turkestan, Ashkhabad (Turkmenistan), Masis (Armenia).

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APS Engineering company has its own design bureau, design team and fully equipped, modern high-tech production.

Construction of various facilities as residential, storage and office space, concert halls, parking lots, Chapiteau circus, summer sites;

Industrial construction as gas and drinking water tanks and other substances, geomembranes, gas holders, oil spill float lines, drilling rig shelters, truck shelters;

Construction in the field of agricultural production as granaries, hangars for animal housing, special equipment, mobile shelters;

Military construction as air and special equipment shelters, tents, rapid deployment hospitals, decontamination showers, etc;

Construction of sports facilities as swimming pools, ice arenas, overlapping of stadiums, tennis courts, fitness clubs;

In the interior and exterior are facade finishes, suspended ceilings, advertising space, fencing for audio and visual comfort.

A full list of products can be found on the official website of the company, and by subscribing to Instagram page, you will receive the latest information on news and promotions of the company.

Website: http://aps-investment.kz/ru

Instagram: @aps_investment 



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