Exhibitors’ opinion 2014

KazBuild Testimonials 2 - 5 September 2014


Carlos Selva, Area Manager Russia & CIS, Resimart (Spain)
Kazakhstan is a developing country everything is needed here. They don't have special equipment and they don't have a developed infrastructure, everything needs to be built from zero so there is huge potential here. It's a gateway to central Asia which has big possibilities and opportunities.


Javier Gomez, Sales Manager, Levantina (Spain)
It is our first time at KazBuild. We were attracted to Kazakhstan as we already export to Russia so wanted to see if there were opportunities here also. We already have a distributor so our main reason for exhibiting was to increase our brand presence, so far we have met a number of designers – it is good for us to get on their radar.

Valter Andrew, Director Comercial, Sofemar (Portugal)
It is our first time here in Kazakhstan, we came to study the market and looking for distributors and direct customers. The Kazakhstan market is evolving right now and there is a lot of construction, there is not a lot of competition for our type of product and we have definitely found that there is an interest.


Christian Pavanello, Favel (Italy)
In Kazakhstan there is a lot of construction which in turn needs a supply of lighting solutions. There are a lot of opportunities for people in the lighting market in Kazakhstan and we have had a lot of visitor interest.


Finlamelli, Esko Rintamaki, CEO (Finland)
We already have a distributor here in Kazakhstan and exhibit to meet new customers and improve brand awareness. It is definitely an advantage to say our products are from Finland as people associate wood houses from Finland with excellent quality. We plan to keep coming to KazBuild, if we do not come people will wonder where we are, our company is known here so we need to keep reinforcing our market presence

Zuzana Vickova, Export Sales Director, mmcite (Czech Republic)
It is not only our first time in Kazahstan but also Central Asia. We came here to search for new possibilities. We have been surprised how well the show has gone for us. We haven't had a huge amount of visitors but all the ones we have had are specialised in what we do so we can see that the market is open and that there is interest.


Anna Barskova, Marketing Manager, Atlas Concorde (Italy)
We have not only met architects, designers and direct customers but also new dealers and distributors. We come to KazBuild to increase our brand awareness. Atlas Concorde is a worldwide brand, we currently have 2 customers in Kazakhstan but there is a lot of construction going on so we see a big opportunity in the market.


Pascual Vilanova, CEO, Sanycces (Spain)
We wanted to come to Kazakhastan as it's a country that is growing, there is a lot of construction going on, and it's a big country with mineral resources so there is money here. We have made some interesting contacts, it has definitely been an advantage to say our products are Spanish.

Ana, Cobo, Marketing, Bathco (Spain)
This is a good show for us, we didn't expect anything big but at the moment we are very satisfied with the results. It is our first time exhibiting and we already have a new contact. We have made contact with distributors, end users, architects and designers. We have come with ICEX the national group organiser which has made things very easy as they helped us with the administration and with providing a translator. It is an advantage to say our products are Spanish, visitors recognise our quality design and innovation. European and Spanish products definitely have an opportunity to do business here.

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