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POYATOS is a Spanish manufacturer and supplier of equipment for the production of concrete blocks, paving slabs, curbs and other concrete products by vibropressing. We produce turnkey lines with full automation or semi-automatic, including concrete mixing units, transport units and product packers. We supplement our range with equipment for the refinement of concrete products: splitter lines, shot blasting lines, removal of paving stones, systems for the production of multicolored paving stones and other special equipment for the production of innovative concrete products.

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In POYATOS, we develop and produce a wide range of vibropressing lines with a capacity from 800 to 4500 concrete blocks of 20x20x40 cm per hour or from 108 m2 to 370 m2 of paving slabs per hour. The company Poyatos constantly introduces innovations and from the latter it is possible to single out the introduction of robots with a variety of grips developed by us in the production line of concrete products. We program robots to perform a variety of special tasks in the process of packaging concrete products. For example, if it is required to produce more products than can be packaged, then the robot can perform the task of detaching excess rows and stacking products, including separated rows. The robot can also prepare blocks for their transportation without transport pallets, dividing the rows of the lower layer of blocks to place the fork of the forklift in the holes that have appeared. Robots are associated with the automation of the entire POYATOS production line.

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The full list of products and services can be found on the official website of the company, also all news and new products can be viewed on Facebook.

Company website: www.poyatos.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PoyatosBloqueras/

Check out this and other innovations of the Spanish company Poyatos at booth Nº 9-48 at the KazBuild 2023 exhibition.



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