‘GLOSSMAX’ the latest technology high gloss panels by KASTAMONU

Glossmax High Gloss boards are decorative shiny surface wood based panels that are put various industrial processes with an advanced and unique technology and achieved through the application of adhesive and UV lacquer to the single surface of MDF or chip boards. During the hot coating application which provides and excellent adherence to melamine surfaces, PUR ( Polyurethane ) adhesive coating is applied onto the materail surface. After the chemical curing ofthe polyurethane adhesive and outstanding scratch, shock and wear resistant hard surface is achieved. The PUR material is also durable against UV rays and chemicals. The top layer which is applied immediately afterwards and which hardens under UV rays provides and excellent degree of gloss.

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glossmaxThis technology provides a solution that opens new possbilities in surface coating, emphasizes the natural appearance and texture of solid wood and makes surface finishing applications considerably easier.

Glossmax high gloss boards create furniture combinations that are modern, graceful and shiny for kitchen, bath, home, office and all kinds of decoration projects. Glossmax high gloss boards which are resistant to wear, impact, scratches not only effect the natural beauty of wood but will also enrich your venues with a variety of color options and a shiny like glass. While usable in furniture production as a symbol of style and quality, Glossmax high gloss board products are paving the way to a whole new era in the sector with a technology that maintains the special glossy appearance for a very long time.

Available Decors: Arcadia, Lacquered White, Venezia, Nova, Light Sapphire, Dark Sapphire, Galaxy Caramel, Galaxy Black, Moonrock, Coral, Daphne, Black, Red, Salvador, Bamboo, Elvira, Verde, Arcadia Dark, Sam Remo, Ultra White, Super White, Rose, Berry, Cotton Latte, Cotton Mink, Kuvars, Anthracite, Sandstone, Ibiza.

DIMENSIONS: 2100X2800 mm. Production can be done at thicknesses between 8-40 mm.

The detailed information about products can be received at KazBuild 2015 exhibition, 2-5 September 2015, Almaty city, "Atakent" IEC.

Time to explore the advantages of gloss panels!


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