The world leader in shading solutions will presents its products for the first time at KazBuild 2015

Gale Pacific Australia is the market leader in manufacturing and supplying HDPE, PVC and PP fabrics used to protect from harmful UV rays and reduce ambient temperatures in both Commercial and domestic projects,


Gale products are used worldwide in magnificent designs that match with the requirement of new Green Building material requirements and lasts for many years while providing the highest protection from harmful UV rays.
Gale Pacific is proud to introduce the new generation of water proof tensile membrane fabrics, Polypropylene (PP) is a great fabric that can be used for architectural designs and lasts under the sun, it is fully recyclable, light weight with high tensile strength characteristics and is a dirt repellent by nature which will not allow dirt to accumulate on it.

This fabric is supplied with two weights, 400 gsm for small car park covers and applications, 700 gsm for medium to big covers like play grounds, swimming pool covers and medium sized shade sails, the fabric is warranted for 10 years against UV degradation and can be supplied as a block out fabric for certain projects.

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