High quality equipment by CRIFI Crushing Plant

crifiFounded in 1981, CRIFI Crushing Plant has been operating for over thirty years in the world market of planning, production, sales and installation of crushing plants (stationary, modular and mobile) for extraction, mining and cement sectors. The Company has created a business model at home and abroad that combines work, knowledge, technology and personnel, with the sole purpose of producing high quality products that have been custom designed and manufactured for its customers. CRIFI has integrated the best internal and external expertise and technologies and built long-term relationships with customers and suppliers for optimal mutual development. CRIFI Crushing Plant is a dynamic company which has proved itself able to change and innovate.

What we do

CRIFI Crushing Plant oversees specific customer needs through every processing step and offers a complete range of highly reliable and flexible machinery in compliance with all safety standards and in line with the real added value of "Made in Italy" products. The company manufactures turnkey solutions, making use of its technical know-how and innovation to cover entire work processes relating to rock materials, the recycling of materials from demolition, sludge de-watering and the remediation of contaminated soil. CRIFI Crushing Plant uses a "sartorial" approach, adapting to the specific requirements and objectives of each customer. The after – sales service is accurate and fast.

Research and innovation

Technological Research and Innovation are key elements to which CRIFI Crushing Plant dedicates time and resources to achieving. The company's goal is to closely follow strategic advanced, sustainable design trends and to construct technical solutions that are in line with new market requirements and customer expectations. The frontier of innovation must be addressed daily in order to remain competitive.

We invite You to visit CRIFI stand at KazBuild 2015, 2 – 5 september, Atakent exhibition centre, Almaty.


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