A new player in the supply of machineries and plants for Glass and Rock Wool manufacturing

ogtOlivotto Glass Technologies company (OGT) is the World Leader in the engineering, production, installation and commissioning of hollow glass forming plants, systems and machines and is an all-round technological partner, that can address most effectively any problem connected with the production of a variety of glass articles: stemware, tumblers, dishes, bowls, lamps and bulbs, glass tubes, glass bricks, etc.
As a function of the complex requirements of a vast, heterogeneous market, OGT has a philosophy that enables it to offer its Customers technological solutions designed and implemented to achieve synergetic effects with their production strategies.

Starting from 2013, OGT can also supply complete plants, machines and equipments for the production of Glass Wool and Rock Wool, from Melting to Forming to Curing and to the Cold End equipments.

This was possible thanks to an exclusive cooperation with an Italian engineering company formed by pioneers in these fields (more than 30 years of experience in the mineral wools technologies).

From hot-end to cold-end equipments, we can supply to the market the state-of-the-art machineries for mineral wools production field.

Thanks to the complete engineering reviews of our projects, we can now propose to the market the most advanced technology either for Glass Wool or for Rock Wool production lines, expecially focused on product quality, production efficiency and energy saving operations.

Olivotto Glass Technologies can supply both single machines and equipments or complete plants on "turn-key" basis.

Together with the machineries, we can supply complete service to production as well as know-how transfer on how to produce the best quality glass wool and rock wool for different applications.

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