New line for the production of mineral wools

Gamma Meccanica S.p.A., one of the leading companies of the industry, designs and creates specialized industrial systems. Established in 1977, it consists today of three divisions, each one focused on a specific sector:

- the insulation division designs and produces lines for the production of mineral wools,
- the plastic division specialized in lines for recycling of plastic material,
- the extruded polystyrene division dedicated to the creation of systems for the production of XPS panels.

gammaIn the early 1990's Gamma Meccanica started investing resources in cutting out a niche for itself on the Russian market. The first plant installed in Russia dates back to 2001. We opened an office in Moscow to provide first-hand service to our Russian customers. Initially we operated only in Russia, putting various plants into service, then opened trade relations with neighbouring countries such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus.

To date, Gamma Meccanica has put 15 complete lines for the production of rock wool panels and mat into service in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Another glass wool panel and roll production line will soon go into service in Belarus.

Our machines and plants are designed to meet the specific requirements of the insulation manufacturer, and there are many different types to meet a variety of different needs. The most significant characteristic of Gamma Meccanica machines is their efficiency and innovation. Plant efficiency means a constant work flow with reduced down times for maintenance.

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