Mobile battery mould at KazBuild 2015

Based on many successful years of experience in the construction of battery moulds, Weckenmann developed a concept of transportable formwork for the vertical manufacturing of flat precast concrete elements in form of a field factory - the ideal solution for large temporary construction sites.


Its investment costs are low and, due to its compact design, it requires a relatively small installation footprint to produce elements just-in-time. Just a few people are needed to set it up or dismantle it in a few working days. The technical solution foresees that a battery mould is built on a special vehicle in form of a semitrailer, which can be moved by standard tractors. The special vehicle is used to transport the heavy central and outer mould. These central elements of the battery mould and other plant components such as control, heating and hydraulic unit are fixed mounted on the special vehicle.


The detailed information You can be received at KazBuild 2015 exhibition, 2-5 September 2015, stand А457, pavilion 9А.


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