Exhibitors’ & Visitors' opinion 2015

KazBuild 2015 Exhibitors’ Opinion

Kim Jeong Jae, Manager of International Trade, «FEROOF»:
- I’m a representative of FEROOF Company. I’m from Korea. In this company we are producing metal roofs. This is my first visit to Kazakhstan and my first participating in this exhibition. I think that this exhibition is quite big. I like this exhibition, because we can see a lot of companies and competitors. Probably, we will come next year, because we have distributors in Almaty.

Nodir Badalov, Director, “NEOLIT”:
- We are the representatives of “Premium Stone Service” under the brand “Neolit” producing mosaic-marble products made of natural stones. We found out about the exhibition from the Internet. So we are participating in the exhibition for the first time. My impressions are very good. We were greeted very warmly. Location is very good, I feel like I'm in Europe. Everything is great. We have already found distributors in Almaty, Astana and Shymkent. People come to be interested in us, so, there is feedback. Also we’d like to find good partners here, somebody who works in the field of stone production in each region. Kazakhstan for us is “the door to Europe”. Just a great exhibition. I'm ready to pay right now for participation in the next year exhibition. We are very satisfied. Money ... costs ... it's not the most important thing. The most important thing is the results, and here they will be by all means! Thanks to the organizers!

Gaukhar Adenova, Head of Retail Sales Department, “Mir parketa”:
- Our company deals with floor coverings. We present parquet boards, parquet, laminate flooring boards and vinyl coatings. At the moment, we are presenting at this exhibition the Canadian representative Coswick, the plant of which is located in Belarus. We have several designs. New models were introduced. We’re participating in the exhibition for the third time by now and we really like the results. We expect to find new partners, new customers and new visitors at the exhibition.

Julia Tumanova, Brand Manager, “Palatin”:
- We are the annual exhibitors of KazBuild. This year we are presenting 2 booths: Kerama Marazzi and PALATIN. Kerama Marazzi is representing Russia and Italy, and Palatin - Italy and Spain. At our booths we demonstrate ceramic tiles and ceramic granite. This year we are introducing the English collection. As you can see this is our new product. It is represented by new formats, decorative elements. From Palatin we demonstrate ready-made interior solutions, they are not only tiles and granite, but plumbing equipment, accessories, furniture, all-in-one for bathroom. The exhibition for us is the image of the company, because thanks to it many customers and our partners learned about us. But we want more people to be aware of our company. We would like to attract an even greater number of people.

Nursultan Dzhumabek, Director General, “Hoffman Aluminium”:
- Our company “Aluminium Kazakhstan” is a trademark of Hoffmann Aluminium. We have established a joint booth. For the first time we are participating in KazBuild exhibition and very satisfied. It is very positively. We’re representing here our integrated works plant. We have an anodizing line, 2 presses, powder coating line, our own casting and we produce aluminum sections. The plant is supported by the state, the akim of Almaty region and the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, and DAMU fund. We opened this year. And since we’re a new player, the exhibition gives us the opportunity to meet with potential clients, new people and suppliers. The aura of the exhibition is very favorable. Thank you for holding this exhibition!

Viktor Mamin, Director, “VIMA”:
- We are local manufacturers, our production is located in Astana. We have been for more than 15 years in the Kazakhstani market of facade construction. We are dominating in the market of ventilated cladding substructures, and now we’re presenting at the exhibition an innovative new product that we ambitiously named REVOLCSY, i.e. a revolutionary system. There are no analogues of this system in the world. Now we are patenting it and showing it in Kazakhstan for the first time. Such system has many advantages. This new product includes maxi blocks, which are assembled like double-glazed windows, and what is more it is convenient and quickly. We say that the facades can be changed like clothes. The procedure for customers becomes easier. And it’s cheaper, faster and economically efficient. This is construction of the future. We think so. And we already participate in the exhibition for the second year, and we think it is very efficient. This year we have increased the size of the booth twice, and we are very satisfied with holding the exhibition.

Plotnikova Marina, Customer Acquisition Manager, “DAS ERSTE”:
- It’s the 3rd time we take part in KazBuild exhibition. Very good exhibition. All fine and well. We like everything. We came to this exhibition to replenish our customer base and introduce us and learn new directions as well. The exhibition has met our expectations. Good attendance. We will definitely participate in the next year exhibition.

Kamal Kurbanbayev, Director, “DECO STONE”:
- Our company is the manufacturer of liquid travertine material. We participate in the exhibition for the first time. I think it’s a good show and one of the largest in Kazakhstan. Here we can qualitatively promote our products throughout CIS. Not only dealers from Kazakhstan are interested in us, but also from Russia and Bishkek. We came to improve dealer services of the company and to find more partners. During these 3 days, we have already signed several agreements. Also we found new materials for ourselves which were presented by other companies. It’s a very useful exhibition. We will surely participate in the next year exhibition and will increase our the size of our booth.

Anatoliy Mozhayev, Head of Customer Relations Department, “Business Inkubator”:
- Business Inkubator is to support small and medium businesses, and they provide us good support. We manufacture the material for industrial floor coverings. We have visited the exhibition for the second time. The first time was in Astana. The exhibition is interesting. First, it’s international, so we’ve got a lot of international contacts. We have already made an appointment here to discuss floor construction and supply of materials. We are very satisfied with the exhibition. And we try not to miss the exhibitions. Thanks to the organizers!

Alexander Chuchval, Art Studio Director, “Grand Modern”:
We participate in the exhibition for the first time. We are manufacturers and come here to look for the dealers. Our impressions are very good. It’s a very good exhibition. During 3 days we’ve got a lot of contacts. Conducted serious negotiations. Thank you for organizing such kind of exhibitions.

Yevgeniy Terebun, Regional Manager, “Electrocomplex Asia”:
- We are a trading company engaged in selling products of manufacturers from Russia, Turkey and China. We are participating in the exhibition for the 7th year. We are interested in the regional representatives of trade, so we are participating in the exhibition. Our products are recognizable and salable. We have good partners in Astana, Taraz and Shymkent, but we would like to have more partners.

Nurgali Buksikov, Director General, “Alugal”:
- Every year we participate in KazBuild exhibition. Also this year too. In general, this is a good and necessary exhibition. We like everything. A lot of foreign companies.

Visitors opinion of KazBuild 2015 and Aqua-Therm Almaty 2015

Yevgeniy Usmanov, Development Department Director, Magnum Cash / Carry
“This year the show is good. Everything is so ambitious. Everything is at top level. The organizers did well, tried to do the best. The exhibition is a great place for construction companies to get together. We see each other, greet our partners, and get to know new ones. I like everything.”

Shaykh Kamal, Halcon Inversion, manager
“We like your exhibitions. It's like a business place for us. Our company is a big corporation, and we must visit such exhibitions. KazBuild Exhibition is a good platform to build our business here in Kazakhstan, that's why we are visiting your Exhibitions. We like it. Thank you for invitation. "

Larisa Kozlova, Heating and Ventilation Chief Engineer, “Proyektnyi Institut “Proyekt Siti” LLP
“Good afternoon. We visit your KazBuild and AquaTherm exhibitions every year. The exhibition is growing. More foreign companies have appeared. Also you have a new product - Hands-on area. We just need such a platform where we could watch the demonstration of products. It’s an interesting exhibition, just our profile. We’ll come next year.”

Nadezhda Nadezhnova, Chief specialist
"Yes, I agree with my colleague that the exhibition becomes better every year. We like the registration system, the level of organization. It seems that with each passing year it becomes more serious. I wish the prosperity to your company”

Tatyana Antonenko, SHYN, Director
“The branch of SHYN is located in Shymkent. We are engaged in construction and installation. We manufacture steel structures and provide general construction and concrete works. KazBuild exhibition fits well to our company profile. We visit it because it is interesting to know about competitors in the market. But we communicate with our old partners as well. It is very beneficial to gather all of them in one place”

Kaldar Auyezov, Vice President, “Talan Construction” LLP
“We are a dynamic construction company. We are engaged in the construction of multi-storied, residential complexes. KazBuild exhibition is a great opportunity to show ourselves and to make profitable deals. It’s a very useful and fruitful exhibition. We are still a young company, but it does not prevent us to compete with the large and long-established companies. Thank you for the exhibition”

Alexey Morozov, Commercial Director, “Altaymetiz” LLP
“Hello. You organize such a large exhibition, but there is no use of it personally for our company. There is such a heat outside, but you have no drinking water in the pavilions. While we try to find some cafes, time is running out. Why asking for drinking water from the exhibitors, no it’s not good. In general, I think it’s bad organization.

Yevgeniya Uvaliyeva, Director, Fiammata
“Good afternoon. Personally, I visit this exhibition for the first time. Such a big exhibition. I am delighted. All is perfectly organized. We have found companies in every pavilion to exchange contact information. I hope the results will be positive.”

Zhenis Karimov, Director General, “Ideal Treid” LLP
“Oh, we love to visit your exhibitions. We already visit them on purpose, because we know what companies are presented. It means: you come, you see, you make a deal. It is very good to do at the exhibition. Also we see new companies visiting the exhibition. It is mutually beneficial for both of us. Thank you for the opportunity to develop our company”

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