Nelissen Brickworks: natural, sustainable construction!

NELISSEN BRICKS is the leading producer of the most beautiful bricks and brickslips in Europe.

Our company has been providing facing bricks of the highest quality for more than 90 years and has become a major player in the international market with a yearly production of 150 million bricks. NELISSEN enjoys a first-class reputation guaranteed by quality labels such as CE and ISO 9001.

In our product range you can find a wide variety of bricks. NELISSEN can offer a brick for each style from classic to modern, interior and exterior. All of this in 100 different colors and 7 different sizes. NELISSEN bricks keeps investing in innovative products respecting nature and human life.


ISO-Façade is a complete system for both new buildings and renovation projects, by which you insulate your façade and give it a total new look in one single process.

The ISO-Façade system is a purpose designed system to provide increased insulation properties to the building, whilst retaining the appearance of traditional brickwork.

The tongue and groove insulation panels ensure no cold bridging at joints and are manufactured with brick slip guides on the face, for easy application of the Nelissen brick slips. ISO-Façade is ideally suitable for all external applications, for over-cladding existing properties and for new build construction.

ISO-Façade is an all-in-one wall insulation and home renovation system that can be installed by DIY enthusiasts or professionals.


You can also apply the ISO-Façade in newly built houses thanks to its versatility. If we take the wall thickness as an example, you can obtain thinner exterior walls thanks to the application of the ISO-Façade. This is because the brick strips only have a thickness of 2 cm and because a cavity is not necessary. This results in extra interior space or extra space to isolate. Another advantage is that you don´t need any foundation untill the outer side of the wall. This way you can save on your budget.

The ISO-Façade system is even extremely appropriate for timber frame or container frame constructions. You do have to consider the adjustment of the fixing screws and the fixing glue. These guarantee the perfect attachment of the XPS insulation.

The detailed information You can be received at KazBuild 2016 exhibition, 5-8 September 2016.

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