Street furniture, which is able to change urban environment design

“Design Services by A-Z” LLP, an exhibitor at KazBuild 2016 provides a comprehensive range of landscaping and beautification services, by placing modern urban street furniture (USF) from different manufacturers at its objects for creating a holistic beautiful exterior.
When choosing USF in addition to beautiful design it is necessary to draw attention to functionality, materials used in the production, quality, vandal-resistance, easy maintenance and serviceability.

Therefore, we are proud to promote to Kazakhstan’s market our European supplier - the Czech company “mmcite”, which has produced high quality modern USF with a wide range of products for over 20 years and is represented in 36 countries around the world, which captured the market all over Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, the UAE, Russia, and proved the quality of its products to its customers, which undoubtedly confirms the possibility of covering the demand for USF anywhere in the world.

Design Servises

The list of products includes: stylish stops, including facilities for smokers, bicycle parking and sheltered bicycle parking, park benches, unusual litter bins, outdoor ashtrays, fencing posts, street fencing, tree grilles, street flower pots, drinking fountains, advertising and informational constructions, garden and park furniture, street signs.

Distinctive characteristics of the brand as follows:

- high-quality stylish furniture of European style;

- strong materials, certified in accordance with the European standards and manufactured in Europe, specifically designed for public places in the open air, i.e. which can withstand adverse weather conditions, are used;

- the warranty period for purchased goods is from two to ten years, depending on the components and materials;

- price matches the quality and a wide range of goods enables the buyer to choose the furniture according to his/her taste and budget.


The variety and a wide range of products of the company “mmcite” guarantees comfort, beauty by decorating the outer facade of buildings, streets, parks and similar public places, which corresponds to the international standards. For example, if the hotel is equipped with modern stylish furniture, then it will place high-class furniture at the entrance. And this is true - when they take the entrance or the street as a continuation of the interior, paying due attention to it by acquiring furniture capable of serving several years, and which does not require repair costs.

Design Servises1

The list of expected audience of clients is wide, it includes not only city administrations who care about aesthetics and beautification of the urban environment; but also founders of the construction companies building shopping centers, residential complexes and other infrastructure; owners of large companies, business centers, restaurants, private homes; heads of banks, hotels, recreation areas and others ...

You can find out more about urban street furniture at KazBuild 2016 Exhibition, on September 5 - 8, Almaty, “Atakent” IEC.

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