Korean companies at KazBuild 2016

DooYoung T&S Co Ltd (Booth 9 – 386)
Since its establishment in Year 2000, DooYoung T&S has participated in various government-led projects and has manufactured diverse environmentally friendly products.
In a scene where nations worldwide are moving towards being eco-friendly, we have developed a highly-efficient, high-powered and highly thermal-dissipating LED lighting technology. In particular, an ultra-power-saving industrial lighting system using the nation’s first high-efficiency reflector.

DooYoung T&S’ LED luminaires provide an optimum uniformity ratio through vertical/horizontal luminous intensity distribution using a 16-sided heat pipe and a specially designed anodizing high-illuminance reflector. In addition, it creates a more efficient working environment by inhibiting glares and guarantees a large illumination area. Furthermore, a heat sink, specially designed to generate heat efficiently because aluminium and copper are connected to the heat sink in dual structure.

Dongwha Vitex Co Ltd (Booth 9 – 395)
Dongwha Vitex Co., Ltd. is the market leader for nonwoven materials in South Korea. Various types of nonwoven fabric products (Filtration Products, hygiene, cosmetic and medical materials, materials for garments, automotive filtration, construction materials and Nano technology materials) are manufactured internally via seven production lines of Dongwha Vitex Co Ltd.

ViBoard (Product Exhibited) are easily installed on walls, ceilings and floors where sound absorption and insulation are necessary by simply gluing or using a needle tucker gun. It is also tackable and can be used as a notice board. With its limitless design capabilities, 100% polyester, formaldehyde free, VOC’s free, flame retardant and toxic gas-free features, this is the best solution for noisy environments while promoting eco-friendly / reduced energy consumption efforts.

GE Tech (Booth 9 – 393)
With the successful cooperative efforts of research between Jeonbuk National University and development by GE Tech – They have introduced the eco-friendly and efficient insulation material known as “White Foam” into the Korean Insulation market.

The “White Foam” insulation system has no toxic gas and releases environmental substances 100 times less than a standard insulation material. Spraying is the main construction method hence air tightness, the most important factor of insulation, can be guaranteed innovatively.
Existing insulation has high potential to cause some environmental problems and to arouse damage of human life in case of fire or emergencies. On the other hand, as an eco-friendly material, White Foam can minimize the damage because it releases very little toxic gas in contact of heat / fire. The “White Foam” insulation system is also the best environmentally friendly solution to satisfy the global markets concern towards a green society as it saves at least 30% energy consumption in construction methods.

Modern Panel (Booth 9 – 392)
With highly automated and efficient Korean manufacturing machines, coupled with 30 years of experienced skilled technicians, Modern Panel Inc. produces Sandwich Panels of the highest quality.

Glass Wool Panel uses first-rate inflammable glass wool as insulator which has passed inflammable tests. It prevents fire from spreading and does not release harmful gases upon contact. It provides superior insulating effects since the insulator has very thin (4 to 6 microns) and uniform glass fibres. Indeed, the insulating effect does not diminish in process of time since no decomposition occurs. Thanks to the porous bubble structure, the sound waves are internally absorbed by glass wool, providing sound absorption and sound proofing effect
Line Metal Panel is distinguished for its sophisticated design, excellent insulation effect, and competitive price. Method of assembling the panels is exactly same as conventional panels while bolts to fix the panels are not exposed to exterior. Various pattern designs are applicable to commercial buildings. There are mainly three types of design: Hairline metal, Exposed concrete, and Marble.

Seoul Banpo Fabric (Curtain & Blind) Micro Manufacturer Specialized Support Center
(Booth 9 – 397 , 396)
Seoul Banpo Fabric is a non-profit organization under the management of Korea Solar Shading Industry Association, built for supporting especially over 50 micro manufacturers of curtain & blind in Banpo village in Seoul.
All solar shading product designs are customizable to client’s specific needs. All products are made with high quality fabric and materials moving towards ensuring a good home and interior space.

S-Form Co Ltd (Booth 9 – 394)
S-Form Co Ltd.’s Aluminium formwork is the latest version of high-technology solutions for RC concrete casting and is commonly used at high-rise residential or commercial buildings and affordable housing projects. Compared with conventional formwork such as steel or wooden formwork, aluminium formwork highly improves productivity and shortens working cycle period up to a 4-day cycle per floor. Furthermore, it is also cost efficient and in general, three times more durable than steel or wooden formwork. As of 2016, S-Form Co Ltd operates in Brazil, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam to expand business performance and deliver the best products and services on time basis.

Two Cap (Booth 9 – 391)
TwoCap, since 1997 has specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of Corrosion Resistant Plastic Bolt Caps and Nuts. Designed and developed by Twocap, they have successfully acquired the “Korea Invention Patent Prize (Gold) Award” and has a PCT International Patent in 38 countries worldwide. Products presented will stand out due to the damage prevention capabilities of from the combination of dual cap bolts

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