Interview with KazBuild participants

Aigul Raisova, Director, Palatin Hill

Good day, it is already the 12the exhibition in a row for our company, we take part in the exhibition as a well-known global brand "Ceram" Company every year. We have been present on Kazakhstan market for more than 15 years. We participate here to advertise our brand, as we want to increase sales since there are future customers at the exhibition who are interested in our product. Our company releases a new collection, new styles every year, so our company has something to show, to surprise with new formats.

Nata Ales, Industrial Designer, CHANCE USA, Inc.

The American company CHANCE USA produces architectural glass in New York. The design of our products is unique. It is the first time we participate in the Kazbuild exhibition, and we are pleasantly surprised by great attention to our glass projects. This glass is a completely new product for Kazakhstan, the glass is used in world famous hotels and boutiques, offices, banks. We carry out individual orders and projects in the United States, Europe, Asia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Now I can say that this is not our last participation in Kazakhstan, as we have already discussed the opportunity to participate next year. We are very pleasantly surprised how beautiful the architecture of Kazakhstan is, how gifted the designers and constructors which work here are. Our glass is gaining popularity in your country, as we have noticed that in this respect you are at a high level of demand towards these elegant architectural materials. We are very pleased that we participate here today, and we will definitely cooperate with you. We have already noticed that through the exhibition, we signed agreements with show rooms, which are willing to display our products, there are specific proposals made. We are sure that thanks to you, our product will be distributed throughout Kazakhstan in the next few days.

Oleg Shaparenko, Director, "MIRT-Kazakhstan" LLP

The company is the exclusive representative of "Mirt" furniture factory. Our products are very interesting, of high-quality, we provide individual approach, unique solutions for every taste. We have not been present in Kazakhstan for so long ago, but we can say that there are already some results. Given the fact that the country is big enough, we thought it would be good to present ourselves and demonstrate our products. Therefore, we chose significant well-respected exhibitions, such as Kazbuild, Aquatherm. We expect some interest in our products, increased sales, increased demand for our products from this exhibition.

Mavlet Baitaziyev , Export-Eastern Europe Sector Head, DEFI

Hello to everyone, the French DEFI company produces decorative ecological plasters. We have been present at the market for decorative plasters of Europe for more than 30 years. To date, we have official distributors in Russia. And today we want to find distributors and dealers in Kazakhstan. At the moment, we have some agreements, I think by the end of the exhibition we will already identify contacts.

Suleiman Aliyev, Director of Sales, Lezard

We have already been for 4 years on Kazakhstan market. We were exhibitors at Kazbuild during the last three years. The brand awareness has increased, people notice us due to the exhibition. The number of customers who are engaged in our sphere has increased. We present electro-mounting equipment: sockets, switches, we have our own production. Our factories are located in China and Istanbul. We produce lighting equipment (LED lamps, panels, industrial lighting) for the second consecutive year. We will most likely take part at the exhibition next year as well. We go forward and develop further.

Viktor Mikhailov , Consultant, "Rufplast" LLP

Our company is engaged in roofing materials production, and in addition to these traditional materials we decided to make a kind of novelty. And therefore, we have launched the production of plastic roofing using Italian technology, which are based on polyvinylchloride with a variety of additives that make the roof more durable, protected from ultraviolet, shockproof and freezeproof, capable of being used in different climatic zones. We have tested this kind of material in Karaganda during the one and a half years. This year, we have achieved certain quality results for the first time and we came to participate at the KazBuild exhibition, for which we are grateful to the organizers, who have provided us with good conditions of the exhibition. Visitor’s interest in our products is high enough, we obtained a lot of partners not only from Kazakhstan but also from abroad. We expect increased commercial activity, success in our work. We want to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

Janis Gurovanov, Commercial Division, SABO

SABO is a Greek company, which operates in more than 40 countries around the world. We manufacture equipment for brick and tile factories, supply ready-to-operate lines.

We participate at your exhibition for 3 consecutive years, the exhibition is good enough. The city and the people are friendly. We met quite a number of not only current manufacturers of ceramic materials, but also potential ones. We met with the customers who are ready to invest in our products. At the moment, there is little shortage of facing bricks, but we are dealing with this issue. At present, our company is preparing new products, which will be interesting for the people. SABO tries to fully automate the production, thus to reduce the human factor load.

Jeroen Bartels, Export Manager, Nelissen Steenfabrieken

We are a Belgian company, which specializes in manufacture of bricks and handmade facing bricks. Tiles and bricks are made of genuine clay, sand and water by firing, which allows production of an ecological product of high international standard. We participate for the third time at the exhibition and this exhibition allows us to find distributors in Kazakhstan, as well to extend this brand among design studios, architects and so on. First and foremost, Nelissen is known for its quality and the fact that no additives, colorants were used in bricks production, thereby the colors remain for decades. Clay tiles are very easy in use. No special fasteners or solutions are needed for installation of the tiles.

Ulan Asankanov, representative of ISOTRADE

We are official distributors ISOTRADE Company. We are engaged in roof waterproofing. We introduce our two new product to the market of Kazakhstan. New generation membranes used for roof waterproofing, which have service life of 50 years or more. We participate for the first time, we learned about it thanks to the Internet, open source. Since we have just entered the market of Kazakhstan, we hope that the exhibition will help us respectively. Further on, we will be very interested to share our achievements in the innovative development with our construction market in Kazakhstan. We expect that our materials will be recognized by our customers, different regions, there are will be more orders. We are confident in our abilities.

Yerzhan Dzhaychubekov, Sales Director at Industrial and Civil Construction sector, "NURTAU-A" LLP

Our company has 17 branches throughout Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. We are engaged in building materials production, which includes finished products, roofing materials, varnish, insulating materials, hardware products. We participate here for the first time, we expect an increase in consumers, distributors, the first impressions are positive of course, there is a large people flow. We hope that we will take part here every year and also in the Expo in Astana. I would also like to note that our company has opened to a new Industrial and Civil Construction direction this year.

Feodor Simeonidis, Director, Translift Asia, Kleemann

Kleemann Company is one of the world manufacturers of elevator equipment. We are participate at the exhibition for the second time, after the last time, we noticed an increase in customers flow, people are interested in our products, people have realized that our product price matches the quality. We are proud about elevator equipment with a minimum of energy consumption. Energy-saving equipment is a priority now, consequently the demand on it is higher.

Alexandr Volov, Commercial Director, ALPROF

Our consortium has shown more than 16 years of successful work on the market of Kazakhstan. We are the only and the first of its kind company with a closed cycle, own production equipment: injection molding, decorating, painting, glass production, processing, installation. Our company has the opportunity to work with individual business orders. We try to participate at the exhibition every year. Regarding the organization of the Iteca exhibition, everything is fruitful, we are pleased with the results. Thank you, looking forward to further cooperation.

Husniddin Nuriddinov, a representative of IMZO

Our company is a leading manufacturer of windows and doors. Our products are of high quality, only high-quality materials are used for production. The daily production capacity is 6000 square meters. We decided to participate here this year for the first time. We look forward to increased trade, more customers, partnership agreements, we hope for further cooperation. Thanks to the organizers for this event.

Denis Tian, Commercial Director, "Triumf M.M.S. " Plant LLP

The company is engaged in manufacturing PVC profiles, window sills and windows. It was established in 2013 in the South Kazakhstan region. Any self-respecting company should participate in this kind of exhibitions and make contribution to development in the field of business. This is the second-in-a-row exhibition for us, it represents a platform where we would like to deliver more information to our customers. This is the best opportunity to show how our company is ready to accommodate request of the customers, to present itself. We have a lot of new products, in our industry you cannot stand still. Every year we invest in certain lines, increasing production volume. This allows us to increase the sales themselves, despite the instability of the economic situation.

Abdelrahman Mohamed Ali Shebab Alhosani, Exporter Services Director, Dubai Expots

We represent a national organization for development and export promotion. We would like to note that we participate for already 4th time, along with other CIS countries. We assist our local companies, particularly Dubai and the Emirates as a whole. We help them to enter, to penetrate new markets and search for products. We support our local companies through trade missions, international exhibitions, assist them in organizing face to face meetings. With regard to the level of exhibition organization, technical equipment, it is advanced, and we are getting very positive feedback from our local companies, because they enjoy it. Based on this feedback, we will continue to participate consistently here.

Viktor Kryukov, Manager, Tekhnosistema MR

We have been exhibitors here for about 10 years. We present construction equipment, power tools and small road construction machinery in this segment with a huge selection for every taste. We sell these products since 2010. We participate at the exhibition with the aim of improving the image, obtaining new contacts and customers since people come here from all over Kazakhstan and other countries.

Denis Salekov, Director of Sales, "Vertro" LLC.

We participate in this exhibition for the second year in a row, as after the last time noticed a big increase of customers, many contracts have been signed, interesting contracts, not only with the Kazakhstan companies, but also with companies from abroad. At the specialized exhibitions, we meet only specific customers, up to the point, who know what they need. Our brand has become more recognizable. Specialized Aquatherm Exhibition is the leader in this industry, so we are very pleased to participate here today.

Aigerim Narysheva, Sales Director, "MirParketa" LLP

Our company is on the market for over 5 years, we are engaged in carpets production including parquet board, laminate flooring, decking, decorative flooring, wall panels. We participate at your exhibitions in Almaty and Astana every year. We want to promote our brand, the range is very wide, for all tastes. At the moment, we obtained a lot of business cards, good contacts for future cooperation.

Sergey Nikolayev, a representative of the "Net" Company

The "Net" Company is a Czech paint company, which celebrated 25 years this year. The company is trying to enter the market of the Eurasian Economic Union. This is our first exhibition in Kazakhstan, it is a very pleasant experience, we hope to find here new customers, partners, good buyers. Our company stands out on pricing, i.e., the price matches the quality.

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