SIMI mixers and concrete plants

Nowdays SIMI is one of the leaders in the production of mixers and concrete plant in the Balkans, as confirmed by hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide. 

Concrete batching plants "SIMI" are equipped with modern system for weighing and have automatic control of all mechanisms providing concrete and solutions of high quality. Concrete batching plants "SIMI" have been made in accordance with modern technology and modern concepts of production in Europe: a simple and robust design, with a small number of moving parts guarantees a reliable and economical operation with a long service life.

SIMI 498x331

Thanks to its compact size, concrete plants can be used on construction sites and in factories for the production of reinforced concrete structures and related products. Depending on available space, concrete plants can be equipped with a scraper storage material in star pattern and in linear silo. Production takes place using modern, automated and microprocessor control system.

SIMI1 498x330

When creating concrete plants, special attention is paid to transportation dimensions of all the elements. Concrete batching plants "SIMI" is quickly installed on site, do not require a large surface area and strong foundation and, if necessary, can be easily dismantled and moved to another production site. Thanks to all this, our concrete plant can meet all the requirements of customers around the world in terms of quality of concrete and the efficiency of its production and the lowest energy consumption.

SIMI2 498x332

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