Exhibitors’ opinion 2013


Forezienne, Sergey Danilov :
" The French company Forezienne manufactures cutting tools and exporting goods in all countries. We are engaged in woodworking , and a great advantage of our saws is that they can be cut for 40 hours and at the same time without changing , in comparison, conventional saws that can cut only 2 hours . Our company provides training on the proper use and care of saws. In Kazakhstan, the first time we and our aim is to understand the market and to show themselves at the exhibition KazBuild 2013 . During the days of the show we were interested in more than 10 companies with which we hope to cooperate further . We are pleased with our participation in the exhibition , and we thank the organizers . "

Ceric Technologies, Anna Pogonina:
"The company manufactures equipment for brickworks by plastic molding. We are interested in the Kazakh market, as there is no saturation of facing bricks. Participation in the exhibition gives you the opportunity to know the needs of our customers. Would like to note that the ITE Group organizes exhibitions is always good, and we always participate in all building exhibitions. At KazBuild 2013 business guests at the invitation made to a good standard. "

Honco, Natalia Shilikova:
" The Canadian company is a manufacturer of prefabricated Honco steel buildings for industrial, sporting use . Today the market of Kazakhstan is enough priority . Honco company has vast experience in exporting , having mastered more 15ti markets around the world and hope that Kazakhstan will appreciate our advantages. One of the interesting benefits of our building is energy saving , effective insulation of walls and roof provides the ability to store the internal temperature at a lower cost. The building has a structural ceiling Honco which cuts Intersectoral space , so during the operation, heated or cooled only used volume . We are very interested to work with companies and designers themselves with customers , and the exhibition gives the opportunity. Impressions of the exhibition is very good , if not more. "

Maki Houses, Kryuchkin Michael:
" Shop wooden houses Maki Houses engaged in construction and design of wooden houses, made in Finland using energy efficient technologies . This issue we try to solve the complex , using geothermal pumps, solar collectors , solar panels, also design and install ventilation systems and otherwise try to promote green energy in order to minimize operating costs and harm home planet. If we talk about the show, you'll notice its growth , the growth of foreign companies. Thank you for the good organization and wish them continued growth . "

Grazyna Shidlovskayte, Director of Apriori:
“Our company has been in the market for just two years. We are exhibiting at KazBuild for the first time. The exhibition, without a doubt, has been positive for us. We deal with polymer liquid coating systems for concrete foundations designed for shops, hangars and warehouses. A very important point, which I would like to highlight, is that almost 70% of the visitors were our target audience. At the exhibition we learnt a lot about facilities and about customers. We did not conclude any contracts directly at the exhibition, and this is because of the nature of our products. But we laid the ground. People have learnt about us through the exhibition, and today our specialist looked at a site at which, it appears, we will apply a coating in the near feature.”

Victoria Patrakova, Analytical Manager at Knauf:
“We focus on innovative solutions and maximum use of resources. Our target audience is vast. However, we made our main interest at the show architects and designers, who are always interested in new materials and technologies. I should note that the autumn exhibition had a large presence of companies, which indicates some recovery in the market.”

Dauren Orumbayev, GreenTas:
“I am a scientist and inventor, and am very proud that my invention, self-luminescent plastic, received high praise at the exhibition. Our stand was literally attacked by the visitors at KazBuild and the exhibiting companies. We have only been going a month and participating in this exhibition was a brilliant start for us. Here, we met a company from which, in the near future, we plan to get loan lease equipment for the industrial production of our product. Indeed, the demand for it is high enough. At the moment, we still have verbal agreements, but we have arranged meetings immediately after the show and will sign contracts for exports to Germany, Hungary, and Kyrgyzstan.”

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