Skylights and smoke exhaust hatches ORIVENT by KERAPLAST

Kera Group Oy (Finland) more than 40 years occupies one of the leading positions in the production of plastic products for the building industry and natural smoke exhaust and ventilation systems. The expertise of the company is concentrated around different kinds of daylight solutions and smoke control systems that improve fire safety.

The main products include NSHEV and dome roof lights. Keraplast also offers translucent roof panels for single family housing. The smoke hatches of KERAPLAST - both transparent and nontransparent - are mounting on the roof of the building. After the installation of roofing skylights, the illumination in the building is increasing in 2 times due to the daylight through the translucent openings in the roof. Equipped with various opening mechanisms, it also provides ventilation and smoke exhaust. In the event of a fire, hatches are for evacuation. KERAPLAST produces more than 19 standard sizes of skylights and smoke hatches with dimensions from 600х600 to 2100х2100 mm.

Kera 499x235

Products with CE marking: CE marked smoke control equipments are part of fire safety in buildings. Their value in assisting in the evacuation of people from buildings and other construction works. The CE marking ensures that the NSHEV conform to the requirements of the harmonized EN standards.

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The main advantages of KERAPLAST products: The cost of equipment delivery is usually calculated for every project individually; The system is equipped with the necessary automation and has the ability to start manually and automatically; When the power supply is disconnected, the batteries provide a smoke release during 2 days; The company has a dealer network in Kazakhstan.

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Detailed information about the company's products Kera Group Oy will be from 5 to 8 September at the exhibition KazBuild / WorldBuild 2017 Almaty, IEC "Atakent".

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