New Options for the Modernization of Mixing Systems

The EIRICH Group is a supplier of industrial mixing, granulating/pelletizing, drying and fine grinding machinery, systems and services. The Group has its main strategic base at Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich which is the corporate headquarters site located in Hardheim, Germany. EIRICH has core expertise in processes and techniques used for the preparation of free-flowing materials, slurry and sludge. The main applications for these processes are in the ceramics, refractory, foundry, construction materials, plaster, rechargeable battery, battery compound, fertilizer, glass and ore dressing industries. Close co-operation between our own test centers around the world and collaboration with the research and academic community enables the "hidden champion" to provide solutions for innovative, cost-efficient products and processes. The family-managed company was founded in 1863 and operates from twelve locations on five continents.

In response to competitive pressure, manufacturing companies must take action periodically to boost productivity. This includes needs-based modernization of existing material preparation and mixing systems. Besides boosting productivity, modernization extends the machinery lifecycle. EIRICH has in-depth expertise in machinery planning, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning, making it the ideal partner for needs-based, cost-effective modernization.

EIRICH Intensive Mixers Type RV24 499x333

Modernization can be an attractive option whenever the product has changed, when the product must meet new requirements or if there is a need to increase production volumes. Another reason could be to enhance operational safety. The company oper-ating the machine is responsible for compliance with operational safety regulations.

Experience shows that even small improvements can have a big effect. Whatever the size of the modernization project, EIRICH always remains focused on producing the greatest benefit for the customer. This includes not only enhancing production effi-ciency, but also making the machines easier to operate e.g. by replacing the control systems with more modern versions. The added functionality might include remote ser-vice, condition monitoring and electronic documentation.

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