HPL - High Pressure Laminate

HPL compact laminate panels are produced by the electron bombardment curing (EBC) system. Thanks to the special technology and surface used, it is extra resistant to environmental conditions. HPL is resistant to UV rays, acid rain, wind, chemicals, bending, twisting and scratching. It maintains the first day's appearance thanks to its resistance to UV rays and color stabilization.

22 498x332
The product is used as exterior coating material in applications in shopping malls, sports halls, stadiums, airports, hospitals, schools, residences, balconies etc. The decorative panels are manufactured in accordance with the CE standards and are user-friendly.

EN Classification:聽EDS, EDF

Detailed product information can be found at the stand of the company OREX GROUP exhibition KazBuild / WorldBuild Almaty 2017, 5 - 8 November, Almaty, IEC "Atakent", stand 9-267.

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