The Exhibition of KazBuild 2018 presents roofing and wall sandwich panels from the domestic manufacturer

Polymer Metall-T LLP is a local manufacturer and supplier of construction products and materials. The production facilities of the Company are located in the city of Kapchagay of the Almaty region.

Polymer Metall-T LLP aspires to be a strong domestic competitor to global manufacturers of construction materials and strains after this target, making every effort to move closer to its vision. In the light of the goal to continuously upgrade professional skills of the employees and demonstrate its capabilities, the Company takes an active part in: 

  • All international exhibitions related to the construction industry;
  • Special contests for the Award of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - “Altyn Sapa”, and  annual rounds of the Republican Competition “Best Product of Kazakhstan”;
  • Annual qualification programs for the employee with the respective professional attestations;
  • Sponsorship projects to provide assistance to public charity funds and organizations.

Over the years of our activities, we have earned the confidence and respect of not only engineering companies, construction and mounting contractors, and governmental customers but also of the private consumers. Much of this has been achieved due to our flexible pricing policy, well-planned logistics and technical support which we provide to our clients. We sell both in the wholesale and retail segments which allows us to be open to cooperation with a wide range of customers. We will be delighted to welcome you among our clients, so do not hesitate to contact us anytime!

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Today we are proud to bring the following products to the market of Kazakhstan:

  • Metal tile roofing in the class of Sptinter;
  • Roofing and wall sandwich panels produced on the basis of a mineral wood slab and whinstone as well as precast components and shaped elements;
  • Profiled metal sheet and modular units.  

All raw materials and components used in our production processes are of high quality and purchased from only reputable manufactures and suppliers, which, in addition to the advanced operational equipment and skilled specialists, provide for the excellence of our products. 



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