E.V.A.E.T will take part in KazBuild 2013 with a group of 10 companies

E.V.A.E.T. is a Special Agency of the Novara Chamber of Commerce (Italy) for the development of international activities, focusing on increasing the presence of local companies and their competitiveness on international markets and promoting Novara's products worldwide.

E.V.A.E.T will take part in the next edition of KazBuild with a group of 10 companies of taps and valves sectors: Margaroli Srl, Fratelli Pettinaroli, Fiore Rubinetterie Srl, Bagno&Associati Srl, Far Rubinetterie Spa, Emmevi Rubinetterie Srl, La Torre Spa, Officina Meccanica Sestese Spa, Ferplast Srl and Pronema Srl.

Novara is the leading district of both the production of faucets that of valves with a long tradition of high level know-how.

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