KazBuild 2018 presents waterproof systems and materials from "Maris Polymers"

Numetech Coatings Asia LLP is an official representative of Maris Polymers Company (Greece) in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Maris Polymers means:
• An independent private company specialized in the production of polyurethane systems
• One of the leading world manufacturers in the field of liquid polyurethane waterproof products and polyurethane cold-setting resins used in the construction industry
• A repeated participant of numerous international construction and interiors exhibitions and tradeshows
• A reliable supplier trusted by customers in more than 70 countries around the world
Our products:
1. Waterproof insulation systems
2. Polyurethane and epoxide solutions for the floor coating
3. Coatings and sealing compounds
4. Seam sealers
5. Miscellaneous products (cement admixtures, polyurethane adhesives, reinforced geotextiles and so much more).
Maris Polymers produces a large assortment of various products and systems for both new buildings and repair services: waterproof materials for the construction purposes, corrosion-resistant coatings and floor coverings as well as décor and finishing materials for roofing and facades under the trademark of Mаriseal / Maritrans with the effect of the sand coating, wet stone and other surfaces, and all of them have been widely used in all regions of Kazakhstan and appreciated for they are very easy in application.

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We are trusted by many leaders of various industries!
All our materials are certified and supported by the appropriate licenses, being fully compliant with the national standards. We carry out technical expert assessments on a regular basis and we continue to receive very favorable feedback from our clients.
Products of Maris Polymers have proved to be successful during:
• waterproofing works at the water cooling tower in the city of Aktau
• moisture-proofing of the reinforced concrete rings in the industrial zone of Karabatan in the city of Atyrau
• waterproofing of the aquarium facilities in the Almaty Zoo
• laying of the Maripox coatings at the Mangistau Atomic Power Engineering Plant (MAEK) KazAtomProm in the city of Aktau
• application of the floor coverings in the production facilities of RG Brands Kazakhstan LLP in the cities of Almaty and Kostanay
• laying of our floor coverings in TOI KAZAN LLP in Almaty
• roofing water-insulation solution for Mersedes-Bens (Almaty)
• water-resistant system of the grandstands of the Sports Stadium in the city of Kostanay
• waterproofing of the chiller facilities of the Poly-Functional Center “Nurly Tau” (Almaty)
Advantages of the Maris Polymers products:
• Easy application
• Seamless coating
• Thermal endurance
• Vapor permeability
• Wide range of the operating temperatures from -50°С to +90°С
• High degree of adhesion
• Resistance to mechanical stresses
• Resistance to synthetic cleansing agents, sea water, oils and household chemicals
• Easy to repair mechanical damages of the surface
Benefits from working with us:
We offer advanced high-quality materials, flexible pricing system, including multiple discounts and bonuses, along with a full range of the technical maintenance services and post-sale support.

Maris Polymers regularly delivers special training sessions on the application of the waterproof membranes and other products.

More and more clients put trust in our complex waterproofing systems and coatings. Experience our services, solutions and guaranteed safety of the Maris Polymers product line – visit our stand at KazBuild 2018.

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