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Repair and improvement of your favorite home is not a simple process, let alone work on design of this or that interior. It always requires extra time, effort and, of course, necessary knowledge, skills, and a fine taste. That is why today more and more people are resorting to the services of professional designers. And thanks to Design Ideas Club, a Kazakhstan designer club founded by IDEAS magazine, anyone can directly contact the most successful domestic designers, architects and artists. Besides, every year in September everyone can get acquainted personally with the members of the club within the framework of KazBuild Kazakhstan International Building and Interior Exhibition, where visitors can get valuable recommendations from professionals, become members of MC, discuss housing acquisition, construction and repair work, and space decorations issues.

And today we want to introduce you to the brightest members of Design Ideas Club. We decided to start our acquaintance with presentation of talented Elvira Autova.

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Elvira Autova, interior designer
Work experience: 11 years
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- Elvira, tell me, how many years you are engaged in design? What achievements do you already have at the moment?

EA: - I have been working in design for 11 years already. However, this sphere requires constant training, obtaining of new information, since designer should always be a few steps ahead of the customer, that's why I am pleased to study at seminars, MC. I have a Certificate of the course of lectures by Olga Kosyreva (design critic of Russia) on modern trends, take part in competitions, have IDEA award in the nomination "Object design. I actively participate in thematic events dedicated to design and contemporary art - I participated in the festival Astana Art Fest with my installation, in Almaty Art Energy with lamps, also exhibited several of my works in the section "Object Design".

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- In which direction of design do you work?

EA: - I like to work both as an interior designer and as an object design. There is a series of diverse subjects, created by me with special love, in my collection. This is a coffee table, lamps, stylized cushions for the interior, art objects, paintings and even author's decorations.

- Why did you choose just this direction?

EA: - Each direction is interesting in its own way. In interior design, the most intriguing is selection of materials, furniture and accessories, when everything is going into a single puzzle, and as a result, you get a special space, cozy and modern. In object design the work with details, creation of conceptual things, sometimes art objects attract most of all. All this is single things, not mass production and therefore unique, specially made for a certain interior.

- What trends in interior design can you note for today?

EA: - I can note several trends in this direction, for example, furniture, or objects, began to be created as something strange, from asymmetric proportions, reminding abstract sculptures. If we talk about object design, then there is a triumph of technocratic crafts - things created with use of handicraft and ancient techniques along with the latest technologies and / or materials.
I am inspired by the works of such world designers as: Jonathan Adler @jonathanadler, Karim Rashid @karim_rashid_official, Kelly Whistler @shopkwearstler.
If we talk about some trends in interior world, there are a lot of them, in 2018 this is about 30. Personally, I can single out a few: firstly, it's a return to the 50-60s-70s - art deco geometry, courage of pop art, inconsistency of kitsch, bright colors, remarkable shapes, chaotic nature, modularity, fun spirit. Secondly, intensive use of mirrors and arches, thirdly - this is abundance of light, sources of light go up and up, and lamps themselves act as art objects. Also, I want to note materials of performance, today it is brass, black polished metal, bronze, concrete, granite, rusty metals, velvet. Use of trendy colors such as: pink, deep blue-green, emerald, terracotta, gold decor, tropical jungle and intense floral print are not going to leave the walls and upholstery, pleasing those who are fascinated by the 70's.

- Could you be pleased advise what should I pay attention to when choosing interior design?

EA: - Of course, this is comfort for all members of the family, functionality, proper zoning, ergonomics. Stylistics is determined by the customer, if difficulties arise with definition, interior magazines, films with pronounced interior, and read books always come to the rescue.
Interior should be created for the client, taking into account the image of his life, the purpose of interior. Ready interior should display and match the owner, his style of clothes, life style.

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- Who most often orders your design? And what opportunities, resources are needed for this?

EA: - I work with any area, it can be a small apartment of 35 sq. meters or a huge multi-level detached house. Accordingly with different budget.
I believe that every specialist should be engaged in his craft, I'm good at creation of space, but I'm not a lawyer, an economist, a teacher.
Interior design service is suitable for almost everyone. Working with a specialist, you will avoid taking the wrong technical questions, you will not do over again certain work, thus saving a significant part of money. After all, at the stage of development of design project all issues are discussed and solved. In finished plan-project you get millimeters of installation, electricians, furniture installation and much more.

- Could you share a few tips for those who are going to order interior design and what should they pay attention to first of all?

EA: - First of all, see portfolio of designers - photos of realized projects, sometimes it's better to see live, see the quality of work, feel the interior. Just pay attention to the cost of the project, "inexpensive" cannot guarantee good quality.

- What do you advise reading or watching to keep abreast of design news?

EA: - I recommend reading interior magazines about architecture and design, in particular IDEAS magazine, @ideas_magazin.
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To get acquainted with Design Ideas Club members come to the "Design Laboratory" site on September 4-6 at the KazBuild exhibition. You are waiting for interesting master classes and creative inspiration.

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