The first domestic manufacturer of professional gas wall-hung boilers in China

Founded in 1999, Changchun Saiweida Environmental Protection Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. It is the first domestic manufacturer of professional gas wall-hung boilers in China, and it was also the largest manufacturer in China's HVAC market at that time. After 18 years of technical precipitation and exploration and development, after successive acquisitions of Honghai and other manufacturers of gas boilers, it developed into a Haiyi Group Co., Ltd. with Changchun Branch, Guangzhou Branch, Nangong Branch, and Zibo Branch in 2017. The main products are gas boilers and electric boilers.

Hiee Group Co., Ltd. insists on the introduction of advanced heating concepts into thousands of households, and several branch companies are all manufacturing enterprises specialized in R&D, production, sales, and service of thermal energy environmental protection products. With its own brands such as: Saiweida, Schumann, Honghai, Nuanqi, Hiee, etc., the products are both traditional tube-in-tube type gas wall-mounted boilers and currently more popular plate-type gas wall-mounted boilers. Both types of products are hot water supply and heating dual function.

At present, the construction area of the Hiee Group's Changchun Branch is expanded to 10,000 square meters, a fixed investment of 100 million yuan, 240 employees, and an annual production capacity of 300,000 units (sets).

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Changchun Hiee Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has authoritative experts in the domestic gas industry. It has advanced domestic production equipment, national-level full-performance testing laboratories and instruments, and brings together domestic first-rate thermal energy technical talents. It mainly produces heating and hot water dual-purpose furnaces, and has six categories of production workshops, including the final assembly shop, mold shop, press shop, and parts assembly shop.

Based on the environmental and climatic conditions of the Chinese market, Changchun Hiee Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has conducted more than ten years of technology research and development, testing and actual operation. We have mastered a large number of technical data, and we will provide quality products that are more reliable, stable, and energy-efficient.

Hiee Group Co., Ltd. looks to the future, will continue to introduce new, continue to increase product development efforts, determined to spread the warmth around the world.

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