ELEMENTS SRL will present «Fire Line» at KazBuild 2018

Italian company Elements Srl offers innovative and durable products that protect the home from water infiltration, moisture and deteriorating air and sunlight, as well as solutions designed to reduce and simplify work in environments with high water-level wear with insulation, flexibility and durability. Brand: Elements, GoBoard®, Cottoveneto®.

Elements was born to give new answers to the challenges that man has ever faced, but above all to give it to those who will come those that we do not know yet.
Elements is the result of mature knowledge and skills perfected in the lab and on the field, born as a natural evolution of multiple-year experience and research, configured in a new, faster, flexible and reactive form, capable of finding unparalleled, better and more functional responses, and able to anticipate intelligent solutions for the future scenarios of a continually changing world.

Elements is a dynamic company that combines expertise and innovation and knows how to exploit advanced technologies that allow it to enter into the matter, read the deeper structure to make it their own and be able to give new forms.
Elements is a Italian company that is able to transform and adapt itself to tackle different issues with an innovative approach, without facing passively the strength of the elements but overwhelming the essence and exploiting its potential, with engineering, technology and knowledge, to face the future.

HEADING Fire Line Range
PATRIX: Flexible facing for insulating panels, in particular polyurethane panels, which improves the reaction to fire performances of the whole panel, to reach class B for fire reaction according to the European standard EN 13501-1, test methods EN 11925-2 e EN 13823.

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METRA ZERO: Breathable roofing underlayments which combines characteristics such as waterproofing, water vapour permeability and mechanical resistance, requested by the European standards EN 13859-1 and EN 13859-2, with extraordinary fire reaction properties. The product is classified as class B s1 d0 for fire reaction according to the European standard EN 13501-1, test methods EN 11925-2 and EN 13823 and BROOF (t2) for External fire exposure of roofs and roof coverings according to the standarf EN 13501-5, test method CEN/TS 1187.

E-ZERO: Fire retardant slipsheet which improves the overall fire performances of the roof system, made of a glass fiber nonwoven fleece coated with a special flame-retardant coating, specifically designed for installation over wood decks or insulation.

PREASIDIUM: Waterbased fire resistant paint, made with expandable graphite, especially studied to completion of Patrix support in case of damage of it during panel application or to protect parts of the panel without Patrix support protection. APEO free formulation.

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Come to the exhibition KazBuild 2018 and get to know the products of the ELEMENTS SRL on 4-6 September in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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