Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition
8-10 September 2020
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Brick tiles from ArchitectSolutions

ArchitectSolutions is a company that is engaged in architecture and offers turnkey interior solution using the best products of facade brick tiles and floor ceramics from leading German manufacturers - Stroeher and FeldhauseKlinker.

1. Individual appearance. Dozens of colors, textures, sizes. Full brick imitation
2. Vast scope of applications, except the facade - it is used in interior design.
3. Unlimited service life
4. Save its natural color
5. High strength, as provided by special production technology and use of a unique raw material - plastic slate clay.
6. The use of plaster, plastic, gypsum, cement analogues and ceramic tiles with a thickness of 4-6 mm. make you repeatedly return to the repair of facades, every 6-10 years.

photo news ArchSolution 1


Since these materials have a high water absorption of more than 15%, which quickly leads to the destruction of adhesive cement - the tile falls off, or the material crumbles. The result is costly repair.

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