Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition
8-10 September 2020
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Door locks, fittings for PVC windows, door closers, accessories

SLS LLP, on the right of an exclusive dealer of KALE KILIT company, delivers to the Kazakhstan market products of the leading plant in the world, producing door locks.

Using modern technologies, KALE KILIT Company manufactures a wide assortment of locks, designed for installation on wooden, aluminum, plastic and metal doors. In 2004 KALE started production of fittings for PVC windows for simple and combined opening, and during a short period of time, the company took the lead in the global market.

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Besides, SLS LLP presents products of the leading Italian plants:
1. CISA - top secret locks and cylinders for armored doors;
2. AGB - locks, and fittings for wooden doors;
3. FADEX - stylish brass handles for doors.

KALE KILIT products

Cylinder 164CEC KALE with radial pins. Cylinder devices of CEC series use a unique system for sophisticated protection from the main methods of forceful and manipulative opening - inbreak by drilling, pulling, bumping, fracture, as well as secret code selection. Three rows of code elements placed in two planes give an almost unlimited number of combinations.

Another one cylinder, which can be preferred, is 164ASM Cylinder KALE with alarming. When opening by fracture or pulling, the cylinder is breaking in a specially weakened place, which triggers alarming. The operational life of an alarm battery is six years. For convenience, there is a twist handle, which can play the role of door ball.

Also, locks for entrance and interior doors, door closers, and many others.

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