Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition
8-10 September 2020
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Windows, doors, panels, furniture by MIRT-ALMATY LLP

MIRT is an international company, specializing in designing, construction, and equipment of facilities of classical and modern architecture.The company's history starts in 1991 with the opening of a furniture plant in Novograd-Volynskiy city.

logo news MIRT KBToday, MIRT is recognizable and solicited brand in the markets of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, OAE, Saudi Arabia, Europe. Over 450 highly qualified specialists are working in the company's subdivision around the world.

Availability of own design bureau and production capacities, as well as the use of advanced technologies and materials, allow our company to solve complex construction tasks for already quarter-century.


During its work, the MIRT company has equipped hundreds of different facilities:

  • Residencies, palaces
  • Houses, villas
  • Apartments
  • Public buildings
  • HoReCa

A comprehensive approach to project implementation completely releases our customer from problems, arising on different stages of construction works. Elite facilities are designed and accompanied by our employees on a professional level, which allows us ensuring a high quality of works concerning deadlines.

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For us, work with timber is an art. Our craftsmen turn noble wood species, such as maple, oak, cherry, ash and nut wood, into items worthy the best houses of the world.

In our work, we use different techniques to decorate our products:
artistic wood carving, gold plating and patinating, marquetry made of exotic veneer sheets, such root of golden madrone, pyramidal mahony, walnut-tree root, bird's-eye maple, myrtle root, olive ash root, camphora root, makasar, palisander, wenge, zebrano, incrustation with perl and precious stones, artistic painting with historical subjects.
Our craftsmen will develop and produce for you exclusive windows, doors, doorways, stairs, as well as parquet, furniture, kitchens, studies, boiseries, and even coffered ceilings.

MIRT Company presents at the exhibition:
Windows - made of oak, molding 106mm and 78mm;
Interior doors made of oak, walnut, cherry, maple;
Modul parquet - made of oak, thickness - 22mm, modules 60*60 cm and 80*80 cm;
Study, wardrobe, kitchen areas made of natural solid with different types of finishing;
Freestanding furniture.

Materials. Techniques of ornamenting.
Only natural materials: solid wood, plywood, veneer sheet.
Advantages: longevity, safety for health, antique item.
Main timber species we work with: cherry, American walnut, oak, ash.
Main ornamental techniques: gold and silver plating, carving, patinating, painting, incrustation with veneer sheets, stones, pearl.

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