Welcome Letters 2013

Dear exhibitors and guests!

Welcome the participants and guests of the 20th Anniversary Kazakhstan International Exhibition "Construction and Interior, Windows, Doors and Facades, Ceramic and Stone" - KazBuild 2013 on behalf of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The traditional exhibition KazBuild has grown into a huge event, attracting construction industry professionals from around the world over the years. Every year, it niether loses its relevance, but reveals all the new needs of the Kazakhstan market in modern construction technologies. The popularity of this expo event in the construction industry remains unchanged. Thousands of industry professionals can learn about the latest developments in the field of building materials and technologies.

The extensive business program of the exhibition creates favorable conditions for the most comprehensive and objective information in the construction industry and discussion the most pressing issues, facilitates business contacts between companies from different regions of Kazakhstan and abroad.

I sincerely wish you a successful and productive work in the exhibition KazBuild.

S. Nokin


Ladies and gentlemen,
exhibitors and participants, visitors and organizers,

I am pleased to welcome you cordially to the "KazBuild 2013" in Almaty.

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year, the international exhibition KazBuild has emerged as an important platform providing a wide range of opportunities for exhibitors, visitors and experts to get a fresh impression of the latest developments in the construction sector.

From road building to the construction of office buildings and even skyscrapers – building and construction industry in Kazakhstan steadily gains in importance. This makes the KazBuild 2013 an internationally recognized event that will bring together the leading players in the construction sector from Kazakhstan and worldwide anew.

In this anniversary year German companies are again well represented and keen to provide you with an overview of the latest technology, high-quality material and know-how made in Germany. Please assure yourself and pay a visit to the National Pavilion of Germany. It will be worth it.

I wish the organizers and all participants of the KazBuild 2013 an interesting and successful event.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Michael Banzhaf

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Italian Trade Promotion Agency – Trade Promotion Section of the Italian Embassy, I would like to welcome all exhibitors and visitors of the 20th KazBuild (Kazakhstan International Construction Exhibition) and 6th AquaTherm Almaty 2013.

The two Exhibitions, KazBuild 2013 and AquaTherm Almaty 2013 have become a very important event in Kazakhstan's construction sector and industry as well as in the industry of heating, water supply, air-conditioning, ventilation.

It provides a great opportunity to present new and latest technologies as well to establish business relation and develop cooperation between kazakh and foreign companies .

This year, we are particularly proud and happy that Italy is represented by 60 companies, which proves their competitiveness and eagerness to succeed Italian companies are well known in every corner of the planet, which is an achievement that we may ascribe, above all, to our advanced technology, professional reliability and competence.

The fact that 60 italian companies are present in the KazBuild 2013 and AquaTherm Almaty 2013 shows the growing importance of Kazakhstan in the construction world; the fast growing city of Almaty and Astana ( host of Expo 2017) are well known all over the world

I wish all KazBuild 2013 and AquaTherm Almaty 2013 exhibitors, visitors, and organizers to enjoy a successful exhibition, and particularly a great success in their businesses.

Michele Scuotto
Trade Commissioner

Italian Trade Promotion Agency
Trade Promotion Section of the
Italian Embassy

 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Participants and visitors!

I am pleased to welcome all exhibitors and visitors at the 20th Anniversary Kazakhstan International Exhibition "KazBuild 2013" in Almaty!

This is an important platform providing a dialogue between foreign and local construction market players. Since 2008 "KazBuild" has been giving opportunity for Korean producers to introduce its various construction materials and equipment to Kazakh construction market and find local partners for mutual cooperation.

Korean SME enterprisers are permanently open for sustainable cooperation with Kazakh market players and ready to join construction projects.

On behalf of Korea Business Center in Kazakhstan I hope that this exhibition will keep tradition to arrange a good business meeting between leading players of the construction sector of Kazakhstan and all over the world.

I wish all participants and visitors have a successful contracts and event.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Jung Oi Young
Commercial section,
Embassy of the Republic of Korea

 Dear Guests and Participants,

On behalf of the Turkish Embassy in Astana, I welcome you to KazBuild & AquaTherm Almaty 2013.

Following its independence, Kazakhstan has successfully established itself as one of the most progressive open market economies in Eurasia. Kazakhstan's visionary economic reforms supported by political stability have led to consistent growth in many sectors of the country's national economy including construction and construction materials.

Despite the challenges and undesirable consequences of the global economic downturn of the previous decade, today we witness an ever increasing upward trend in Kazakhstan's construction and construction materials sectors, which points to enhanced resilience and outlook.

The scope and magnitude of KazBuild is the most significant indicator of this positive trend. While KazBuild hosted some 250 companies from countries in 2012, this year the number of participants almost doubled to an impressive 315 companies from all around the world.

In this vein, I am particularly happy to see increasing participation fro Turkey. Turkish construction companies and construction materials manufacturers play an important role in Kazakhstan's residential, commercial and transportation infrastructure. Moreover, through direct investment and know-how transfer they also contribute to the development of the country's construction materials industry, which is of strategic importance in Kazakhstan's economic diversification

Finally, I would like to add that the international exhibitions constitute the most efficient venues for presenting the latest innovations to a wide spectrum of audiences as well as for the establishment of business contacts between investors.

I am sure that the experts will у given the chance to receive information on new tendencies in the construction sector through KazBuild & AquaTherm Almaty exhibitions and thereby they will be able to contribute more to the development of Kazakhstan's contraction industry.
Within this context, I wish success and fruitful partnership to all the participants.

Yours sincerely,

Omer Burhan Tuzel
Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the Republic of Kazakhstan

The welcome speech of the Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan for KazBuild exhibition

On behalf of the Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan we welcome the participants of the 20th Anniversary Kazakhstan International Construction exhibition KazBuild 2013!

The construction industry has always been and remains the most important sector of employment. This industry, which most acutely experienced the impact of the crisis, is gradually returns to its previous positions.

During its existence the KazBuild exhibition has won the position of the one of the biggest shows of the construction industry achievements, which demonstrates the best examples of construction equipment, new construction materials, advanced and innovative technologies in the field of construction and architecture, the most successful projects of integrated development.

The exposition and exhibition business program have combined the basic issues of the construction industry of the Republic, among them are innovative proposals in construction, energy-efficient construction, advanced technologies, materials and products, management and marketing in the construction, issues on development of modern city and their discussion at conferences and round tables allow finding the best options for their solution.

Issues related to construction industry and architecture are relevant and meaningful right now. They help architects and builders to have a constructive dialogue with each other, to strengthen the inter-industry relations, to exchange their opinions and experience and establish mechanisms of public-private partnership. Besides, the KazBuild is a wonderful platform for communication of professionals.

The measures, which have been taken by the state to support the construction industry during the difficult period, are unrivalled. The main emphasis was placed on maximum support of private initiative, on the establishment of a competitive construction business. But the development of the industry cannot be based only on cheap labor, available natural resources. We need the advantages of a higher order, new materials, new technologies, new business organization and new specialists.

We hope that guests and participants of the exhibition will see new progressive construction technologies and interesting architectural projects.

We wish all participants successful work, interesting tasks and fruitful discussions.

President of the Union of Architects
of the Republic of Kazakhstan
A.I. Rustembekov

The KazBuild Exhibition is extremely important not only for showing our achievements and new opportunities in sphere of creating the urban environment but also for making conditions to change surrounding space in the direction favorable for people. For last years there had been lots of new styles and materials created in architecture, design as well as a new language formed in sphere of urban design. By understanding a present-day interpreting, the urban space must have the opportunity to be improved, maximally considering the context of environment and harmonic contact with the nature.

KazBuild Exhibition is a laboratory exhibition at which builders, architects, designers and a wide circle of community may introduce with new innovation technologies and materials which will be further used in their projects.

Participation of representatives from various countries makes KazBuild Exhibition a really interesting and all-program one.

Kazakhstan Designers' Union on KazBuild 2013 Exhibition represents its rough design of "Kok-Tobe" Cultural-Leisure and Touristic Center" in Almaty city. This design is made via using innovation technologies and materials.

I'd like to wish to organizers, participants and guests of the exhibition to get a fruitful work, conclude beneficial contracts, prosperity and have new creative discoveries!

Timur Suleymenov
President of Kazakhstan Designers' Union