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LoZ function in multimeters

New LoZ function in multimeters - increased safety and reliability of electrical measurements on construction sites






It is no secret that on construction sites quite often electrical networks are laid according to a temporary scheme, and unreliable connections often lead to breaks and accidents. In addition, at construction sites, a large number of equipment for various purposes is constantly connected to the power grid, which distorts the network and creates electromagnetic interference and pickup. These and several other factors make electrical measurements on construction sites difficult and sometimes unsafe.

Funkcia LOZ

To reduce the risk of accidents and obtain unreliable measurement results, manufacturers have added a special LoZ mode to the top models of some multimeters, which bypasses the input circuits of the multimeter and allows you to reduce the input resistance of the multimeter to several hundred kiloohms. This mode is applicable only for power circuits and only when measuring AC voltage. Reducing the input impedance of the device allows you to reduce the influence of pickups and interference, as well as get more reliable results.

Pokazania LoZ

For example - the situation of an attempt to measure with "Torn off zero", that is, when one of the measuring wires of the multimeter is simply not connected to the measuring circuit. As you can see in the photo on the left, the multimeter in LoZ mode shows a voltage close to zero, which is close to true, while in normal mode (on the right) the readings are 6 volts due to interference, and these false readings can be interpreted by personnel as reliable with all the ensuing consequences.

More details about the new function can be found on the Internet portal Pribor.kz https://pribor.kz/a40002-funktsiya-loz-sovremennyh.html as well as at the stand of the official distributor of UNI-T in Kazakhstan - Test instruments LLP at the upcoming exhibition.

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