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Berezastroymaterialy is a modern and dynamically developing enterprise for the production of ceramic tiles. At present the enterprise is equipped with modern high-tech equipment of the Italian company "SACMI".

The company's products are sold under the BERYOZA CERAMICA trademark. The company purchases raw materials and materials for production in Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and other European countries. The plant's products are certified and meet the requirements of both the European standard EN 14411-2012 and the interstate GOST 13996-2019. The enterprise has implemented the EAN bar-coding system, which allows selling products to all wholesale and retail structures. Products can be shipped by railroad cars, containers and road transport. The company can provide logistics services for the delivery of goods. Shipment can be made on the terms of FCA, DAP, CPT, FOB, CFR and other terms of delivery at the request of our partners.

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  • glazed ceramic tiles for interior wall cladding;
  • glazed ceramic tiles for the floor;
  • decorative elements (friezes, decors);
  • floor tiles (porcelain stoneware). Due to the low degree of water absorption and high degree of frost resistance, tiles can be laid on balconies, terraces and on the porch. Painted over the entire depth of the mass, the tile during operation does not change the pattern and color, which increases the service life and allows it to be used in areas with a high degree of traffic;

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  • ceramic tiles of the BIb group with dimensions of 75 × 250 mm (facade tiles) are produced using a high-tech digital printing method, which allows very accurate reproduction of all shades of color and the smallest details of the applied pattern. The area of application of such tiles is quite extensive, since they are heat-resistant, frost-resistant, do not retain dirt and dust on their surface, and are also resistant to atmospheric precipitation and household chemicals. Tiles of this group can be used for cladding the interior and exterior surfaces of residential and public buildings;
  • glazed ceramic tiles for cladding swimming pools.

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