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VinProf Company was founded in 2016 by a team of like-minded people working in the field of metalworking and production of steel profiles for more than 20 years. It provides a full range of services for the construction of agricultural, industrial and public buildings using technology of lightweight steel thin-walled structures. The supporting frame of the building is made of high-quality hot dipped galvanized steel. Due to the strength characteristics of galvanized profiles, up to 4 mm thick inclusive, it is possible to reduce the metal consumption of construction compared to ferrous metal without losing load-bearing capacity and other operational parameters, which means saving the customer’s money.









The main product of the company is frames made of lightweight steel thin-walled structures of its own production for buildings of any purpose. In addition, we produce trellis posts and metal supports for the formation of grape plants, shrub crops and gardens in greenhouses, and as posts for fences (wire, mesh).

Our company has an extensive database of design solutions for prefabricated warehouses, storage facilities, and agricultural buildings. We can manufacture a frame from metal structures according to a standard design or taking into account individual development.










The production of VinProf is located in Yasnogorsk city, the Tula region. All company products are certified.

1. Buildings with a frame made of profile of lightweight steel thin-walled structures produced by VinProf have the following characteristics:

  • Span without support up to 24 m
  • Useful height up to 9 m
  • Building length is unlimited

2. High-tech production makes it possible to produce U, C, Z and Σ (sigma) profiles and thermal profiles in the thickness range of 1-4 mm inclusive, which are used in the construction of buildings made of lightweight steel thin-walled structures. All profiles are made of galvanized steel with a zinc content of 275 g/m² and higher, which increases the corrosion resistance of the structure and does not require additional anti-corrosion protection.

3. The use of frame-sheathing walls in enclosing structures ensures the strength and durability of external walls, as well as high thermal insulation performance throughout the entire life of the structure. The design of the frame-sheathing wall allows the use of heavy facade claddings (for example, marble, stone, massive cladding panels, etc.), which are mechanically attached to the load-bearing frame of the frame-sheathing wall, which requires minimal installation costs.

4. Using the technology of prefabricated wall panels made of VinProf lightweight steel thin-walled structures, we get a new ideology of panel housing construction, which gives an amazing synergistic effect:

  • there are no restrictions on the size, composition and configuration of panels during production;
  • the possibility of producing panels with various technical parameters (load-bearing capacity, thermal and acoustic parameters, modern facades, new generation windows) as a response to high consumer requirements.

You can find the full list of products on the company’s website, on social networks, and you can also download the booklet.







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