Maintenance of infrastructure for electricity distribution from ELEKTROMONTAŽA (Serbia)

Elektromontaza 257x129ELEKTROMONTAŽA is one of the largest companies in the field of construction of electrical power facilities in Serbia, with a half-century long experience of providing reliable infrastructure support to the Serbian electric industry.We were established in 1963 as a specialized company within the state-owned Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS), solely tasked with installation and maintenance of the electric power distribution infrastructure. We operated as such until 2005, having built 25% of our parent company’s distribution infrastructure, amounting to thousands of kilometers of power lines and hundreds of power substations.

Upon completion of the privatization process in 2012, we became members of Roaming Group, adding value to the portfolio of companies primarily operating in the fields of telecommunications, ICT and consumer electronics distribution, with a vast presence in the regional market, and recent expansion of activities onto the EU.

Elektromontaza1 257x96We have focused our energy and experience on building proficiency in all the services we supply in the cycle of designing, installing and maintaining T&D network utilities by applying worldwide renowned electrical equipment and technologies.

We invite You to visit the stand of the National group of Serbia at the exhibition KazBuild / WorldBuild Almaty 2017, 5 - 8 September at the Atakent exhibition centre, pavilion 10.

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