4CONCEPTS LIGHT&GLASS - luxury and elegant interior handmade glass lamps

We started in 1992 from the glassworks and production of tableware. We were in this so good that a few years later we were found out by the Spanish royal family, then customers in five continents. The real breakthrough, however, was the year 2012; the era of glass lamps started.
The 4Concepts Light&Glass brand was established.

From the very beginning, after the creation of the 4concepts brand, we have participated in numerous Fairs such as Furniture and Decoration - Stockholm 2014, Maison&Object Paris 2015, Light&Building Frankfurt Germany 2016 and 2018, Euroluce Milan 2017 and thanks to that we were able to present our beautiful lamps to the world.

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Very soon our lamps were recognized as unique by architects and interior designers all over Europe. They are now decorating elegant hotels such as the Hotel Esplanade in Prague, hotels in Great Britain, France and decorating the residences from Paris to Moscow.
All lamps 4Concepts are designed by us; we are also very happy to work with other designers to create common products that meet the customer's expectations, i.e. on special order.
Both our production capacity and flexibility are unlimited.

4CONCEPTS uses glass of the highest quality and the unique talents and experience of the artists who craft it. Those causes joint with the world-class design let to create fabulously elegant table lamps which can just as fittingly adorn a traditional or modern interior.

Come to the exhibition KazBuild 2018 and get to know the products of the 4CONCEPTS LIGHT&GLASS on 4-6 September in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

To visit the exhibition for free and avoid queues for registration


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