29th Kazakhstan International Building & Interior Exhibition
6-8 September 2023
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Welcome Letters 2021

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

The Department of a Comfortable Urban Environment of the city of Almaty (hereinafter referred to as the Department) welcomes the participants and guests of the 27th Kazakhstan International Construction and Interior Exhibition KazBuild 2021.

Over the past 26 years, the exhibition has deservedly acquired the status of the largest platform in Central Asia for a comprehensive discussion of topical issues in the construction industry. The exhibition is of great interest for the leading construction companies and domestic and foreign companies and investors, as well as bodies of territorial administrations. 

According to the RFCA Rating Agency, construction in the Republic of Kazakhstan, despite the significant negative effect of the coronavirus pandemic, remains one of the actively developing industries in the country. Construction, to date, remains the city-forming industry in Almaty. Each year, there are hundreds of thousands of square meters of housing are erected in the southern capital, increasing the comfort of the urban environment and improving the quality of life of Almaty residents. Special attention of the city authorities is still paid to the development of infrastructure projects, the comprehensive improvement of territories, the creation of an favorable work and life environment, the construction of health, education, sports, culture and various purposes facilities.

It should be noted that exhibitions in the construction industry are a clear indicator of the current state of affairs in the industry, being not only an effective platform for demonstrating new products in the construction industry, but also a launching platform for building further dialogue between various structures and organizations.

The Department wishes all exhibitors and guests of the exhibition successful implementation of their plans, fruitful work and strengthening of professional ties!

Head of Department

S. Nurashev

 Dear ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of the Trade Representative Office of the Russian Federation in the Republic of  Kazakhstan I welcome participants, guests, and organizers of the 27th Kazakhstan International Building&Interiors Exhibition KazBuild 2021 and the 13th Kazakhstan International Exhibition for Heating, Water supply, Sanitary, Air-conditioning, Ventilation Equipment Aquatherm Almaty 2021!

This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Over the years, our countries have become important strategic partners for each other and have managed to build trusting, good-neighborly relations.
 This is evidenced by the participation in exhibitions of a large number of Russian companies that are interested in cooperation, despite the difficulties caused by the long-term impact of the coronavirus on the economic situation of our countries.

Construction industry exhibitions are important events as they serve as an indicator of the current state of affairs in the industry. In the current realities, one of the main priority areas for further business cooperation is the digitalization of the construction industry, which acts as a serious incentive for qualitative changes in any industry.

I am sure that exhibitions will once again become a place for the consolidation of the most effective solutions, the application of innovative developments and the demonstration of the latest products, as well as a platform for solving current issues of the construction business community.

I sincerely wish all exhibitors and guests of the exhibition successful implementation of their plans, fruitful work and strengthening of professional ties!

Trade Representative

of the Russian Federation 

in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Babko A.V.

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of Atakent Kazakhstan Center of Business Cooperation, and on my own behalf, I sincerely welcome participants and guests of the 26th Kazakhstan International Building&Interiors Exhibition KazBuild 2021!

In the face of new realities, the construction industry in Kazakhstan continues to show high activity and good growth rates. The recovery of the pace of construction before the pandemic, the use of the latest technologies and the exchange of experience with foreign colleagues have a beneficial effect on the entire construction industry in the long term.

Exhibition events and their accompanying business program for 27 years have been bringing together leading international and domestic construction companies, real professionals from the fields of design, architecture, engineering, representatives of specialized unions and industry associations representing the best innovative developments in construction and interior design.
Despite a short break in the holding, I believe that KazBuild will traditionally become an effective working tool for the maintenance and further development of the construction industry, for fruitful cooperation between Kazakhstani and foreign construction companies and for solving strategic problems that the industry will face in the future.

We are especially glad that a year later, our pavilions will again be filled with the atmosphere of exhibitions, fruitful business communication and constructive dialogue!
I wish all participants and guests of the exhibition successful and fruitful work, implementation of their plans and interesting meetings!

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Atakent Kazakhstan Center of Business Cooperation JSC

K. Abdullayev

 Dear colleagues!

The Union of Builders of Kazakhstan, which gathers together more than 1200 companies with a total number of more than 220 thousand employees, welcomes all participants and guests of the KazBuild 2021 International Construction and Interior Exhibition.

 Special thanks to the organizers of the exhibition, who continue the long tradition of building exhibitions, despite all the obstacles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Thanks to all of you, we continue to develop, introduce new building materials and technologies, change our attitude to nature, apply “green” construction, and look confidently into the future.

The construction industry has always been saving the economy during difficult periods of life in any country in the world! The special and noble work of the builder, or creator gives shelter to people, creates industrial enterprises, new cities and turns a desert place into a blooming oasis.

Thanks to the exhibitions being held, the quality of work in the construction market has significantly increased. Since the declaration of independence, hundreds of foreign companies have opened their branches here, found distributors and partners. The mutual exchange of information and new technologies at the KazBuild exhibition sites has brought the level of construction work to a high level. But there is no limit to perfection, and we are ready to further master the achievements of science and technology in the construction industry.

I wish all participants and guests of the exhibition productive work and large contracts!

May the cooperation that began here continue for many years and be of mutual benefit!

Chairman of Board, T. Yergaliyev

 Ladies and Gentlemen!

Greetings to all participants and guests of the Main International Construction and Interiors Exhibition - KazBuild 2021. This is the largest and most ambitious event in the construction industry of Kazakhstan.

Despite the challenging situation in the world, we have seen high activity in the construction industry and the expanded opportunities for new technologies, innovative materials, breakthrough software products and the active interaction of all participants in this industry.

The KazBuild 2021 exhibition is the central place for displaying and presenting the latest developments of companies and manufacturers from Kazakhstan, the CIS and non-CIS countries. Visiting the stands at this exhibition, taking part in numerous seminars and discussions on topical issues in architecture, construction and design will be useful for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest trends.

The introduction of BIM technologies, modern approaches to project management, and green construction are all integral parts of the construction industry in Kazakhstan. The discussion of these issues at KazBuild 2021 will help to raise the level of experts and professionals.

I wish all exhibitors and guests effective work, new discoveries and useful contacts!

Tatygulov A. A.

Acting President

Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan

KAZGOR PA President