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The company is young, but has already achieved a lot: formed a fleet of necessary equipment, tested production technology, staffed by skilled workers and professionals, gained a certain customer base, actively work on improving.

Steel and fire-protective doors, hatches, gates - the main direction of our company. This product is necessary for everyone. Fire resistance of fire-protective doors, hatches, gates - EI-60, 60 minutes.

Stainless sheet doors - our company is one of the few who produce stainless steel doors for the food industry, for active environments, hypermarkets, cafes and stores.

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Unlike larger enterprises, specializing mostly in the production of doors of standard sizes, Zavod METALIKS TD LLC is ready to offer its customers custom-made doors - the desired sizes, colors and complete sets. To date, the line of fire protection products includes:

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Zavod METALIKS participated in many contests and nominations, exhibitions, and won the second regional competition for small and medium-sized businesses Tochki Rosta 2018, in the category "Economic breakthrough" in the sector "Industrial Production". Filling fire barriers, specifically fire-protective doors, hatches, gates with fire resistance limit of EI-60 - 60 minutes.

The full list of products can be found on the company's website, and you can also get information about the latest innovations or promotions by subscribing to the Instagram and Vkontakte pages.






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