29th Kazakhstan International Building & Interior Exhibition
6-8 September 2023
Almaty, Kazakhstan


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In 2005, Brandlenta LLC started its work in the market of packaging materials, launching the production of packaging adhesive tapes, special tapes and protective films with the possibility of applying logos. Branded adhesive tape will ensure the uniqueness of the packaging of the goods and its safety during transportation and storage.

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The company produces packaging tapes for industrial corrugated packaging, bonding paper, various films and other packaging operations, and technical adhesive tapes are widely used in industry and households. All products are certified and have positive feedback and recommendations from customers.

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Adhesive tape with branding, promotional tape, printing methods, both superficial and interlayer.

  • Packaging, frost-resistant adhesive tape;
  • TPL reinforced adhesive tape;
  • Masking tape (KREPP);
  • Aluminum adhesive tape;
  • Metallized adhesive tape;
  • RET double-sided tape, double-sided tape on a paper basis;
  • Double-sided fabric-based tape, double-sided foam tape;
  • Glass fiber reinforced tape.

The full list of products can be found on the official website of the company www.brandtape.kz



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