Industrial professional tool Pro'sKit from the company Test Instruments at the exhibition WorldBuildAlmaty / KazBuild 2018

For more than 27 years Pro'sKit in IndustriesCoLtd is a leading supplier and manufacturer of tools for various industries. Deliveries are conducted in more than 90 countries of the world, including Europe and the USA.

Modern production, however, like any activity, is impossible without use of a high-performance and reliable tool. Naturally, in times of crisis, enterprises want to save on everything. However, tool - this is not the case when saving on quality effect a saving across the board in the enterprise. Use of a cheap tool made of low-quality materials leads to unpredictable and dangerous situations, breaks work schedule and, ultimately, reduces profitability and rhythm of work of any enterprise. High-quality tool Pro'sKit (Taiwan) has been supplied by TestInstruments in the Republic of Kazakhstan for several years. The company is confident in quality of supplied tool and therefore provides an annual guarantee for all products.

Quality is the basis of Pro'sKit ® brand. As a manufacturer certified by ISO9001 quality management system, Pro'sKit manufactures products corresponding or superior to CE standards (compliance with EU directives), GS TÜV (compliance with safety standards), UL (compliance with US and Canadian safety standards). Also, most products comply with RoHS standard (EU Hazardous Substances Directive).

Quality control
All Pro'sKit products go through strict quality control in laboratories before entering the market, what guarantees durability, safety and reliability of tool, which makes it possible to provide consumers with annual guarantee for any instrument. It should be noted that with proper use, tool serves much longer warranty life.

Range of products is quite wide. All products are divided into several sections: pliers and side cutters, nippers, clamps of connectors and tips, insulation pullers, soldering tools, screwdrivers, pincers, tool sets. Each section contains more than 100 units of different products.

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Tool sets
Properly assembled tool sets for various purposes, in durable and wear-resistant branded bags and cases play a special role in Pro'sKit product range. The price of sets is slightly lower than the sum of instruments prices, if they are purchased separately.
As an example there is a set 1PK-900 on the photo, as the most versatile set for precision, small and electrical work at a professional level, allowing to solve almost any problem in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, electromechanics in both laboratory and field conditions.

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In assortment there are set for various types of work, such as electrical installation works, radio, cable, repair works, etc.

Detailed information about TestInstruments products will be available at exhibition WorldBuildAlmaty / KazBuild 2018, on September 4-6, Almaty, Kazakhstan Business Cooperation Center “Atakent”.

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